Indian startup launches wearable fitness devices

With the aim of combining fitness regimes with modern day technology, an Indian startup named Boltt Sports Technologies, founded by Arnav Kishore and Aayushi Kishore has launched a series of wearable devices and mobile health applications. The Company aims to keep the youth around the world healthy through the AI embedded in the Company’s fitness products and mobile apps. “Our vision is to change the regular fitness regimes and upgrade it with a combination of new-age thinking and technology”, said Arnav Kishore, CEO & founder of Boltt Sports Technologies. The most iconic product of the company is ‘Connected Sports Shoes’ which are imbued with sensors. Read more on Sports Startups

Every Connected Shoe has features like energy bounce back, impact absorption, supportive cushioning balance and balanced gripping ground control for comfortable and natural movements. Stride sensors, fitness trackers and a virtual health assistant named ‘B’ are the other products of the company. “Our plan is to take the Boltt wearables mainstream by tapping major use cases across fitness chains, sports academies, corporates, schools and insurance companies”, said Aayushi Kishore, co – founder of the start-up. Arnav Kishore said Boltt Sports Technologies mobile app could measure various health parameters like body heat, exercise, sleep and nutrition. The mobile app comes embedded with a virtual assistant called ‘B’ that interacts with the users and gives real-time voice coaching and interactive feedback on health and training, throughout the day and seamlessly converts Boltt wearables into hearables.

Very innovative health products are being manufactured by Boltt Sports Technologies. Athletes, joggers, marathon runners and sports fans will find the products and mobile app manufactured by Boltt Sports Technologies very useful. It will help one keep track of various health parameters like body heat, nutrition, sleep and exercise and thereby keep fit and stay in shape. The vocal advice and coaching provided by ‘B’ is also something that sports and fitness fans will find very useful while doing their fitness regimes. The Government of India must fund, promote and incubate more of such useful and innovative startups. Read more on Startup News

Indian startup launches wearable fitness devices
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