Indian startup helps senior citizens with unique product

A Hyderabad – based med – tech startup called YITSOL has developed a mobile app to help senior citizens suffering from serious ailments. The mobile app has a mobile wallet where senior citizens can pay their medical/hospital bills online; it also has provisions to add and read the history of the patient’s diagnostics and treatment reports. The mobile app is called CAREMI. It helps a medical practitioner access and analyze the medical information of an individual using just a simple mobile app. “I got the idea due to my father’s condition”, said Amit Singh, co-founder of YITSOL. “After my father’s heart operation, he has been taking blood thinners and other medicine. Whenever he is out alone, the family members are worried. The blood thinners do not allow the blood to clot easily. This made me concerned about what would happen to all those senior citizens who meet with an accident and the kind of treatment that will be given without any knowledge of their condition”, Amit Singh added. Read more on Medical Startups

Amit Singh and his team took two months to design the mobile app which is more of a social cause initiative than a profit oriented one. The mobile app costs just Rs. 70/- and comes with an NFC tag. A unique number is allotted to the tag and all the medical information of the patient, who is wearing the tag, is sourced and stored. A medical practitioner can use the CAREMI app to scan the tag and get its unique number and also the complete medical history of the patient. The medical practitioner can also access the insurance details of the patients. To provide information security, an SMS alert will also be sent to the patient’s mobile phone whenever someone tries to access the patient’s medical records. The founders of this company are already in talks with the Telangana and AP governments to get funds and scale up the startup.

Going through a patient’s medical records and medical history is vital before giving any kind of medical treatment to that patient, as the wrong treatment can prove to be fatal. Accessing a patient’s medical records through a mobile app is a lot faster and easier when compared to accessing it through loads of files and paperwork. CAREMI helps in this regard. Hopefully, lot of lives can be saved by giving the right treatment with the help of CAREMI mobile app. The Government of India must fund, promote and incubate more of such useful and innovative startups. Read more on Startup News

Indian startup helps senior citizens with unique product
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