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Apple buys the image sensing startup InVisage

The mobile and computer giant, Apple, has bought the image sensing startup called, InVisage. The startup works on developing superior sensor technology for mobile cameras which enable mobile cameras to take high-quality pictures but which occupy less space on mobiles’ internal memories when compared to traditional or existing sensor technology. However, it is unknown exactly for how much Apple bought this startup. Read more on Acquisitions

InVisage Technologies was founded in 2006 by Ted Sargent. In 2013, the startup had raised US $98 million in Series B round of funding led by Nokia’s investment arm and Intel Capital. The startup develops image sensing technology for mobile cameras using a technology called Quantum Film technology. The startup’s website even defines what Quantum Film is. It says, “Quantum Film is a photosensitive layer that is made up of InVisage’s newly invented class of materials to absorb light; specifically, the new material is made up of quantum dots, nanoparticles that can be dispersed to form a grid once they are synthesized”. The startup’s website even says that Quantum Film is able to absorb the same amount of light as traditional CMOS image sensors but it is able to absorb that light on a layer that is only one-tenth the thickness of the layer present in traditional CMOS image sensors and it also performs better in dim light situations. This is quite a feat according to the startup’s website. Apple’s iPhones have always been featured among the smartphones with the best camera but of late it is facing stiff competition from companies like Samsung, Nokia, Google, Lenovo etcetera. The acquisition of this startup will help Apple boost its iPhone cameras’ photography capabilities as well as enable them to have face recognition features which is becoming a prerequisite for good mobile phone cameras these days.

Quite a few startups have been acquired by larger corporates this year (2017). They include the online ticketing and events startup, which was bought by Paytm for Rs. 35 crores during July, this year (2017). The US-based cab aggregator company, Lyft bought the Pune – based startup, FinitePath for an undisclosed amount during March, this year (2017). Quickr had acquired the home rental startup, Grabhouse for US $10 million during November, last year (2016) just to name a few. Read more on Startup News

Apple buys the image sensing startup InVisage
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