3D Image rendering with Radiowave – New Horizons

Imagine a means to view through opaque walls. The ability to isolate moving objects based on sound, heat and outline, and identify objects based on its position. It is a reality now. Based on radio wave, 3D image reconstruction, and AI, the images can be visualized in a meaningful way. 3D image rendering is not new, it has been there for ages. But, ability to put it in an easy , integrated and context based usage were challenging factors. An Israel technology firm named Vayyar Imaging has come up with an innovative way to solve the 3D rendering problem with a single chip. Vayyar chip set solves the problem of depending on multiple sensors to generate data set.

” Vayyar’s sensor is comprised of a unique chip which supports dozens of transceivers that transmit on wide and flexible frequency bands. These characteristics enable it to receive, analyze, and create high-resolution 3D images.”

By bringing the Radiowave to simplified single chip imaging format, Vayyar has opened up lot of business opportunities and innovations. The ability to see through walls and understand the positions of moving objects. The Vayyar radiowave 3D imaging can be a big value add in creating business opportunities in Healthcare (early screening and Senior citizen care), Architecture, Home automation, Security system and Autonomous vehicle.

Raviv Melamed, co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of Vayyar, said: “Our 3D imaging sensors transform elder care, autonomous vehicles, medical, agriculture, and retail by bringing innovative and exciting solutions to these markets. It is amazing to see how the ability to look into objects can help humanity in so many ways. We currently work in collaboration with industry-leading companies to create applications that address some of their toughest challenges. The target of this round is to allow us to grow even faster than before.”

Vayyar Imaging recently received Series C funding close to 45Million USD. So far they have raised closed to 79 Million USD. The recent funding will be used to expand the product reach and tap new markets.

With market expansion in their immediate sight. Providing affordable solution from Hardware and finding partner to push solutions based on Vayyar Hardware in developing areas like India, Srilanka and South east Asia, will get more market share for Vayyar.

3D Image rendering with Radiowave – New Horizons
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