Traveling to India on Business: How to Prepare

India is a huge market for businesses in and across various sectors, but the tours and travel industry is a particularly lucrative prospect in the country. The Indian outbound tourism industry, in particular, is a gold mine that foreign investors are only coming to realize in 2019.

In fact, ITB India is holding exhibitions to spread awareness among both foreign and domestic decision makers in the tourism industry. These exhibitions are also designed to allow them an opportunity to see the tremendous potential in Indian outbound tourism. Before you head over to attend the exhibition and survey the market on your own though, here are a few tips that should prepare you for a business trip to India well in advance.

Get the Vaccines

You will most likely need to get a few shots before you head over to India. Contact your doctor or visit a local vaccine centre to know which shots you need. Don’t ignore this one because prospective as the country is, the extreme change in climate and other environmental conditions will leave you susceptible to some of the local infections and diseases.

Be Prepared for the Weather

Although you are visiting on business and, therefore, much of your time will be spent in airconditioned rooms, be aware of the fact that it is a very hot and humid region that can hit a Brit like a ton of stones if they’re not careful. Avoiding the months from March to October is highly advised, but if it’s a business meeting, prepare yourself mentally for the heat. If you are lucky enough to visit the hilly areas though, it’s pleasant all year round.

Book Your Car in Advance

If no one is coming to pick you up, you need to change that! Prepaid taxis and suchlike are not great options, as they will charge you four times the fare (if you are lucky), and some of the Uber drivers have no idea regarding how to read a GPS. Do not take a chance and end up waiting in the heat; just book a car in advance to reach your hotel safe and sound.

Be Aware of the Local Customs

Handshakes are accepted and appreciated, while a “namaste” might not be as well appreciated as the movies will have you believe!

On the other hand, beef is a big issue in India, with mixed reactions about where the meat comes from. Not asking why beef rolls are not included in the hotel’s menu is probably a good idea when you are meeting your local associates for lunch. Do a bit of light reading on local etiquette and you will be fine in India.

Although there are much bigger outbound tourism industries in the world, the potential of the country is the reason why big businesses are interested in Indian tourism. It may still take time, but the subcontinental market definitely has the potential to rise very high up on that list, as long as the market is tapped in time.

Traveling to India on Business: How to Prepare
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