Keeping It in Top Shape: How Expensive Is It to Maintain a Motorbike in India?

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Regular maintenance of your bike is essential for its peak performance, maximum safety, and long-life. Perhaps this is what you want for your bike regardless of your lifestyle. The average annual running costs for a motorbike in India will be about INR 30,000 (for bikes of up to 180 cc) considering the costs of insurance, fuel, servicing, replacement of some parts, and long term maintenance costs.

There are platforms that cater for most of the running costs when you buy or rent from them. For instance, you can get activa on rent and enjoy your ride with minimum stress on some running expenses.

The following are some of the servicing jobs (most are DIY) that you should consider in order to keep your bike in top shape. Please read on.

  • Brake Pads

As you use your bike, the friction material in your brake pad with wear down after some time. When the low level is reached, which can be seen through the caliper mouth evident from wear indicator groves or a line indicating the wear limit, you should consider renewing the pads. You may consider acquiring bikes with quality parts that can last long to minimize the need to constantly replace some parts. You can check out bike rentals for details.

  • Air Filter

Your motorbike could be fitted with either a foam or paper type air filter element. Each of these can be maintained differently. For the foam type element, you’ll wash it in a solvent then allow to dry before re-oiling. Paper elements need to be tapped to dislodge dust. However, you should replace the element if it’s been damaged or is very dirty.

  • Oiling Cables, Levers and Pivots

Regular lubing of cables, levers, and pivots is vital for the smooth operation of the bike. To do this, you need to apply a little of aerosol lubricant or light oil to the exposed cable ends, stand pivots, brake pedal and gear-change lever pivots and the handlebar lever pivots.

  • Spark Plugs

Spark plugs tend to wear out with time. Consecutively, the gap between the plugs’ electrodes may go out of adjustment. These gaps can be measured with feeler gauges before making the necessary adjustments (if any) by only bending the side electrode. The combustion process can also cause deposit build-ups on the plugs’ firing ends hence may require renewal if they’re badly corroded or very dirty.

  • Changing the Oil and Filter

To enhance your engine’s longevity, you’ll need to be changing your engine oil on a regular basis. Here, you’ll need to remove the drain plug from the sump to allow for the draining of old oil before refitting it back. Thereafter, you’ll have to replace the oil filter with a new one.

  • Adjustment of the Clutch

This is an essential step that, when done correctly, prevents clutch drag or slip and ensures smooth gear changes. In most models, clutches are cable operated, hence contain locknuts and threaded adjusters at the ends to set free-play.

  • Adjustment of the Drive Chain

As you use your motorbike, the chain tends to stretch and slack, which can be dangerous, especially when it exceeds a certain level. For most models, the optimal allowable drive chain slack is usually about 30mm. You need to be regularly checking this slack and, taking up the excess slack by use of the chain adjusters located at the ends of the swing-arm.


There’s no fixed amount of motorcycle maintenance fee. Different factors come into play; the cc category, the number of years in operation, insurance and fuel costs. The more you take care of your bike, the lesser your maintenance costs. You can opt for renting your preferred bike from some platforms and be relieved of the maintenance expenses. Stay alert for other relevant rentals themed Indian blogs for more motorbike maintenance and home improvement ideas. Enjoy a safe and problem-free riding!

Keeping It in Top Shape: How Expensive Is It to Maintain a Motorbike in India?
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