Warm response to Rajasthan government’s iStart program

The government of Rajasthan had taken a wonderful initiative called iStart a few months back to promote innovation, job creation and investments in the state. This program created such an environment in the state that startups found it easy to get access to knowledge (know-how related to their respective businesses) and funding through VC firms and government schemes. As a result, the number of startups registered for this program skyrocketed in the past couple of months. Presently, around 300 startups based in the state have registered for that program. This program is expected to further help in the economic growth and development of the state. Read more on Governments

“iStart portal went live a few months ago and since then we have witnessed a registration of 300 startups”, Akhil Arora, principal secretary at department of information technology and communications said.

The startups that have registered for the program are from various sectors like fintech, healthcare, agriculture, tourism, etcetera. Startups which provide innovative and useful products or services to the society and which have a lot of scope for growth will get funded, incubated and mentored by the Government of Rajasthan apart from through VC firms.

“We want to become the hottest junction for incubators and entrepreneurs. Currently, we are at number two position but we are aiming for the top spot”, Akhil Arora said.

Currently, the state of Rajasthan has over 600 growing startups and many of them have received funding from the state government and from firms as a result of this program over the past few months. This sincere and noble effort by the government of Rajasthan is what has put it in second place as far as a conducive environment for startups is concerned. If it continues this sincere and noble effort I’m sure the state government will achieve the top rank for producing a conducive environment for startups.

India is a land of youthful talent. There are many talented and hardworking youth in India who have started a business of their own and whose startups provide essential products or services to the society. The Central Government should take the cue from the Government of Rajasthan and promote every state in India to launch programs to develop the startups in that state. If there is healthy competition between the states of India as far as promoting startups is concerned, many innovative and useful startups in India can grow to become MNCs and make India proud at the international level. Currently, lack of (or insufficient) funds, lack of (or insufficient) mentoring and lack of (or insufficient) incubation is what is stifling startups’ growth in India. If every state in India launches programs like the one the government of Rajasthan did to promote startups in their state, the startups in India will definitely flourish and improve India’s ranking in the globe in all aspects. Read more on Startup News

Warm response to Rajasthan government’s iStart program
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