Tinystep takes huge step- $2M funding raised from Flipkart

The 16-month-old startup, Tinystep a parenting social network has risen $2 million in pre-Series A funding from Flipkart. Tinystep was launched in September 2015, since it has been funded by Flipkart.

 Tinystep is growing by adding more Doctors, Daycare products and service providers. They also started monetizing baby care products on their website. The revenue of the company had grown enormously.

Suhail Abidi the founder of Tinystep is an engineer graduated from IIT-K and has done MBA from Stanford University. Tinystep is a 30 member startup in which half of them are engineers and rest of them work in marketing, feedback, operations, and products. They also arrange a “mom’s meetup” every alternate Sunday to get feedback and new ideas.

Tinystep claims to have half a million parents on their platform and get more than 3 lakhs visits and 1500 posts per day. Abidi says “The benchmark is Query and BabyCenter. Our Facebook page has about 15 million members, and we get more engagement than even Zomato does.”

As 90% of their users are parents, Tinystep ensure their quality of content by tying up with the Doctors. Some of their content moderators are Parents themselves from their current users.

Despite of having Flipkart as their investors, Tintstep have no interest to enter in E-commerce. “We want to focus on services more than products. We will list and monetise day care centers and doctors” say Abidi.

On the investment Ram Papatla, VP of Flipkart and board member of tinystep say “We believe thatTinystep is on their way to building a truly differentiated content-rich social network for parents. The investment in Tinystep will enable strong user community to build a network of influencers.”

A social networking platform for parents is relatively exploited arena. Tinystep, definitely has growth and market is yet to flourish.


Tinystep takes huge step- $2M funding raised from Flipkart
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