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Corseco secures quickest investment from The Vault

Securing an investment worth INR one crore in less than an half an hour may seem like a dream to most entrepreneurs around the world. But The Vault is making this unlikely scenario a reality! Ghaziabad –based Corseco has secured funds worth INR 1 crore in the latest episode of The Vault. It is a one – of – its kind reality show in India. The Vault has once again demonstrated why it is considered as such a game –changing proposition in the country’s start-up landscape. Ameera Shah, Managing Director & CEO of Metropolis Healthcare Limited and Vivek Bhargava, CEO of iProspect India were The Vault Keepers who invested INR 1 crore with a stake of 8% equity in Corseco.

Fuco, a pet breeding & matchmaking platform from Dehradun had received funding offers from Rahul Singh, Founder & CEO of The Beer Cafe, Sudip Bandopadhyay, Chairman of Inditrade Capital and Mohit Goel, CEO of Omaxe Limited, but chose not to opt for them after consultation with The Vault’s in – house business experts. A third startup, Sloshout, failed to attract any offers.

Speaking on the episode, Jatin Goel, Creator of The Vault, said, “With several innovative start-ups having secured investments and visibility through The Vault, we are naturally excited at the disruption the show has been able to create in the investment landscape in the country”.

About The Vault

This show is a one – of – its – kind reality show in India. It gives aspiring entrepreneurs from around the country a unique opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a panel of investors on television and persuade them to invest money in their ventures. The objective of the show is to give television exposure to innovative business ideas, highlighting what goes on behind closed doors during an entrepreneur – investor funding pitch.

The Vault is open to emerging start-ups, SMEs, the student community as well as household & rural ventures. The Vault will fund some of the most innovative, creative and ambitious business startups from across the nation. The investors are tough, self-made entrepreneurs themselves. They will select the best business ideas and products that India has to offer and invest their hard – earned money in it. All the emotions and drama get captured on camera.

Our take

India is in dire need of innovation and innovative startups to propel its economy forward. Self – made and ambitious investors from The Vault coming forward to choose and invest on the best startups in India is a very heartening sign. The government of India should give more publicity to The Vault and encourage more of such reality shows. Within just four episodes, this show has invested more than 4.5 crores on innovative Indian startups. The dramas captured on their cameras are a treat to watch. Hats off to Jatin Goel who is the creator of The Vault! Read more on Startup news

Corseco secures quickest investment from The Vault
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