Teenager raises 1Cr for his startup – Cureinstant


18 year old raises 1cr funding for his health tech startup Cureinstant

Hamraj Kumar a 18 year old running a health tech startup Cureinstant has raised Rs 1 Cr. This entrepreneur has proved it to the startup world that age is not a barrier for running a startup.

Cureinstant is a startup that aims to disrupt the health care industry by creating an ecosystem of patients, doctors, medical stores, pathology labs, fitness centre and many other health professionals. It is basically a social media platform for health care. Imagine when all the doctors specializing in the same field work together to bring cure for a specific disease.

The patient will feel secured and assured towards the treatment they are receiving. A doctor prescribes some medicine on the platform and the medical stores are available for the bringing the medicine to the patients home. The doctor prescribes a medical test and the pathology labs are there to make it happen. With the growth in Science and Technology there has been a major decrease in the healthcare.

Cureinstant has recently raised an investment of 1Cr from Dr. Rameshwar Kumar.

Lot of disruption is happening in the health tech industry according to Forbes and Hamraj is being part of it. Teenagers are interested in social life but this entrepreneur stands apart from the crowd.

Definitely this idea is new and innovative. Recently we have seen startups closing shops once investor funds are depleted, only in time we will know how well will this teenage entrepreneur do.

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