Aqua farmer leaders Ramachandran Raju and Venu Dantuluri developed a user-friendly app named Aqua app to help over 7500 Aqua farmers in the region of Andhra Pradesh and elsewhere. The app will help find profitable partners to enhance their yield and quality.

The features of the app will include weather reports, prevailing market conditions, and price alerts of the aqua feed along with locations market as well as improve input cost efficiency that could yield big results.

The free to download app is available on both android and iOS platforms. Founders Venu Dantuluri with his seed investor Prakash Dantuluri invested $100,000 in developing the Aqua App. The duo says “The interest in this has been remarkable as farmers are seeing the benefit and number of farmers are downloading the app and using it already. Most of them have begun to note its potential for gaining key production information and advice in real-time for immediate sharing.”

Ramachandran added. “Many farmers end up paying more through credits and middleman fee for procuring raw materials in the industry. Many farmers I knew face challenges to gain good feed and sustain good quality of produce including paying up huge mark up price for feeds. This app is a step towards to reduce these costs for farmers in the long run if adoption gains wide acceptance.”

 Andhra Pradesh is ranked the 1st in total fish and prawn production in India with      2, 70,000 Acres in cultivation by 65000 active farmers. More than 70% of the fish cultivation happens from A.P.  The Andhra Pradesh Government has set a target to reach the 2nd position in the world in shrimp cultivation by 2020. Potential market size is estimated up to Rs.20 000 Cr. P.A. Currently AP has 28 Feed Mills, 312 Shrimp Hatcheries and 160 Aqua Labs (Govt. and Private).

Mr. Venu added “Our goal is to tap the 75000 strong aqua farmer networks in AP and let them experience the benefit of this app in their business, thereafter tap farmers in Odisha and West Bengal.” Read more about Funded Indian Startups.

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