Moody’s Upgrades Indian economic rating after 14 years, Modi’s Reforms works

People complained about GST, political parties raised slogans against Modi’s Demonetization, Some so-called intellectuals said reforms are killing India, Some Known and unknown Film stars said BJP is failing the country. But Modi did not stop his efforts to make India better. First time after 14 years international rating agency Moody’s upgraded Indian rating from BAA2 to BAA3 and said reforms being pushed through by Modi’s government will help stabilize rising levels of debt. That’s a one-level shift from the lowest investment-grade ranking and puts India in line with the Philippines and Italy.

Rating upgrades are good for the country, It also builds global investors trust in Indian Bonds and investment opportunities.

I was finding it difficult to convince my friends about Initiatives taken up by Narendra Modi government. But this sets everything right, And I think this is just the beginning and best will come when most of the Indian’s start paying taxes to the government.

This good news comes just after the world economic forum upgraded India’s ease of doing the business ranking, Though lot needs to be done, This is just the beginning.

In the next few years, we are set to witness a strong India which propels forward the Idea of a being great nation.

Moody’s Upgrades Indian economic rating after 14 years, Modi’s Reforms works
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