Watsup with HYSEA awarded startup winners?

hysea winners

HYSEA awarded startups, but what are they doing now?

It’s been more than 45 days since HYSEA awarded startups based on their product/services and business model. The big question now is, what are these winners doing now?

IndianCEO brings you a sneak peak into this award winners activity.

Infruid Software Labs Pvt Ltd

Awarded for their product ‘Vizard’

Hysea winners

Infruid has been selling their award-winning product ‘Vizard’ in the Indian market since 6 months and received good traction. Their next move is to expand into new regions like USA and Europe. This recognition by HYSEA has boosted their team spirit, given them recognition to the 3 years of effort put into the product. The whole team is proud and excited about the product and what future has to offer them. They are now looking into awards that will bring them global recognition, helping them with their future plans.

Mahesh Yellai, Founder & CEO tells IndianCEO: “Vizard, Infruid’s patent-pending business analytics platform, is helping businesses turn into data-driven organizations. Vizard’s insanely intuitive interface lets users ask questions in simple English and responds with insights presented as interactive charts. Using Vizard doesn’t require any special skills; any business user can start Vizard to get deep insights that can help in data-driven decision making. “

Sriyam Software Solutions

Awarded for their product ‘Birdoncloud’

Hysea winners

Sriyam Software is happy to be part of HYSEA awards program and has met many talented and budding entrepreneurs in and around Hyderabad region. This award is an indication to prove that they are in the right direction of entrepreneurship. The next step for them would be looking to explore other opportunities to showcase the product/innovation. The award would help their marketing team to further promote their product on digital channels.

Virinchi Garimella, Founder & CEO tells IndianCEO: “ We need to build on an ecosystem, where we collaborate and establish synergies between ourselves, before we establish foreign synergies.  We have great talent in India, but with right support, we can definitely bring out the best in all.”

Gayam Motor Works Pvt Ltd

Awarded for their product ‘Smartauto’


This Hyderabad based startup has come up with an electric smart auto that has the potential to replace 10 million three-wheeler worldwide.

After winning award from HYSEA, their next move is to introduce a pilot project of about 100 vehicles in Hyderabad, in the IT Corridor with the support of HYSEA & The Government Of Telangana. They are planning to invest 15 million USD in the next two years in capacity building, Establishing SmartAddas for battery swapping, Plant Expansion, R&D.

This award has brought they lot of traction and they are collaborating with researchers with IIIT Hyderabad. They are also working on an autonomous electric car for Indian roads, the first version of which should be out in a year.

Gayam Raja, CEO tells IndianCEO: “Technology Gap between the developed and developing nations has become closer due to the Information revolution. India has made significant strides in the software Sector and has produced many leaders. Convergence of Vehicles, battery technology and Information Technology would drive growth in the coming decades. With our core competencies in all these sectors and our global outlook, We are uniquely positioned to exploit the opportunity to take on the world.”

Gaian Solutions India Pvt Ltd    

Awarded for their  product ‘Gaiatv – cloud tv playout’

Hysea winners

HYSEA is a crucial forum for Gaian Solutions to exhibit their innovation and do a litmus test on some of their business ideas. The forum provides access to mentors and industry veterans in the IT Products and Services space, which is very beneficial for their products and solutions. They found out how the general enterprise audience perceives their solutions/products, what other startups (early to late enterprise stage) are doing in the market, and what kind of work most interests the city talent.

When asked about HYSEA to Chandra Kotaru, Founder & CEO, said ”Although we appreciate constructive criticism, one off-putting experience was that some of the HYSEA panel members did not posses the diverse experience of content delivery and monetization space which restricted them to understand the true potential of our solutions.”

HYSEA is a feather in the hat for Gaian Solutions to win an award. As HYSEA has a great outreach, they plan to use it in their company branding efforts. They have also entered the IBC Awards (International Broadcasting Convention), which is an international event that recognizes innovation in the content delivery, content curation, and content management space. They are an entrant in the content delivery space and plan to present their ideas at Amsterdam.

Chandra Kotaru further tells IndianCEO: ”As technology providers, our products have impacted millions of people and will continue to do so in the coming years. Having won some major deals in the market (especially with the Indian Government) with revenue potential of tens of millions of dollars, we plan to up the ante with some strategic partnership with several big technology players in the market. We also plan to roll out unique services in the Hospitality and Healthcare segments, and go global (especially, to US and APAC markets) to cater to the content delivery and distribution needs of our multinational clients.“


Awarded for their product ‘’

Hysea winners

Storeongo had an overwhelming experience at HYSEA, specially when crowd was inquisitive to know about their app and platform. Now with a prestigious award in their trunk they are focusing on getting more businesses on mobile. When all the local business are equipped with technology and they want to show them a fraction of change in their profitability. Further Storeongo has been selected as one of the 50 best companies to work for list of 2016 in The Silicon Review magazine.

Rama Kuppa, Founder & CEO tells IndianCEO: “We can help you build mobile application”. We are not sure if we would be invoiced or it would be done as a complimentary service. Nevertheless IndianCEO is very impressed with Storeongo’s marketing & sales efforts.

Genius Edu Labs Pvt Ltd    

(Awarded for their product ‘science lab’)

Hysea winners

Genius Edu had a great experience of showcasing the product to the jury, investors and prospective customers on a single platform. They feel more responsible and are planning to impact as many under privileged schools as possible. They are using this recognition as a testimony for social impact, and raising CSR funds and grants to empower as many schools as possible. They are also finalists in ASME I SHOW 2016 as hardware led social innovation.

Bala Bhaskar Gt, MD tells IndianCEO: “ After winning the Award from HYSEA Annual summit 2016 under social impact category, we have been well appreciated  by the   Telangana government and we are working in similar lines with the Andhra Pradesh government as well. We are also partnering with leading digital education companies who are willing to join hands for a revenue share and market the product across  India. We are looking forward to showcase this solution to International policy makers from the African countries to penetrate into MENA region which is a high demand market for education product like us.Many corporate houses with CSR funds are willing to partner with us as they see this as a right investment to make a quality impact on  Education sector. “

Codetantra Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd

(For their product ‘robotic programming tutor’)

Hysea winners

Winning an award from HYSEA is a privilege to Codetantra. With this reference they are approaching as many corporates as possible. Every corporate conducts training to the fresher recruits, this product will enhance their training methodology with better value for money. They are also planning to approach educational institutions in future. Their next step is to register with NASCOM in the product development category.

Ramana Telidevara Founder & CEO tells IndianCEO: “Currently there is no one in the i-Learning space, with the product features we have. Traditional e-learning is just a video presentation, but we are offering more interactive learning space. “

Smart Commut Technologies Pvt. Ltd

(For their product ‘commut’)


Smart Commute is honored to be one of the 10 startsups awared at HYSEA. This award will help them gain a lot more credibility and validates the work that they have been doing as a part of Commut.  They are planning to grow aggressively in the coming months. Want to dominate this segment by increasing user base from 8000 to 20000+ with a fleet of 150 vehicles. They will  use the award as a source of motivation and become a force to reckon in the next few months. Their vision is to redefine the daily commute experience for urban population. They have also been selected as part of the WRI mobility accelerator 2016 cohort.

Prasanth Garapati, CEO tells IndianCEO: “Commut is solving office commute problem very effectively and doing a bit to save the environment  by cutting down pollution, congestion and parking problems by getting more people in less number of vehicles. Currently, we have clocked 45000 rides and 8000+ happy registered users, and is dedicatedly working towards its aim of redefining the daily commute experience for the urban population.”

Nukkad Shops

(For their product ‘nukkad shops’)

Hysea winners

Nukkad Shops enjoyed every bit of the screening process. Winning Best consumer facing product at HYSEA 2016 will provide them a good platform and visibility towards the good work they have been doing for Indian Retail Industry.

Their next move is to work towards improving the product and coming with better features. Their aim is to deploy their technology in 200,000 shops over next 3 years. They will also be participating in other industry related awards.

Vivek Shukla, Founder tells IndianCEO : “Indian retail sector is worth $720 Bn and growing at about 13%. It is poised to become a $1 Tn market by Yr 2019. 85% of which is controlled by family run small and medium size businesses. Despite having the largest market share, this segment of retailers is losing it’s share to big retail chains largely due their technology advancements. Nukkad Shops is technology partner to small to medium retailers. We help them become more efficient, competitive and earn more with the help of Technology. We achieve this by providing them with a comprehensive Android based POS which allows them to do billing, manage their inventory, create mobile store front & sell online and enable loyalty program with access to deep analytics.

We help our retailers earn more through our strategic partnership with one of India’s largest Mobile payment aggregators, which allows them to do Mobile, DTH recharges, money transfer, wallet top ups etc using the POS. This helps retailer with not only additional revenue but also with additional footfall.”

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