Are You Ready for Startup Saturday Hyderabad September Edition?

startup saturday hyderabad september

Come September 10th, Get Ready for another brand new session of Startup Saturday Hyderabad September Edition

Startup Saturday Hyderabad is a popular initiative to provide startups a sound entrepreneurial community. It is hosted on the second Saturday of every month. IndianCEO is heavily promoting the startups and the event, to make it go viral.  Come 10th September,  Hyderabad will witness a robust event, where various Startups from across the cities will pitch in and share their entrepreneurial skills and dreams.

The Startup Saturday Hyderabad is an initiative by Headstart network,  to provide entrepreneurs in each city a platform  with a focus to drive entrepreneurs. The intention is to create a structured community of startups where discussion forms a major part. Headstart Network aims at creating an environment where startups can exhibit, discuss and share among peers and competitors. It’s a hub where startups can know more about prospective customers and business. They can garner more knowledge about new investors and various other marketing essentials.

As  IndianCEO is promoting this initiative,  we take you for a visual treat on some of the successful Startups participating in the event and their speakers.

1) Sai Krishna Popuri of Health Sutra will put in his ideas about how Startups in their early stage can build Sales Funnel.

2) Sashi Somavarapu from Redlily. com  will be joining in to add on his version on Building Sales Funnel for early Stage Startup.

3) Yashwant Kumar of GenY medium will speak about his outlook on Building Sales Funnel for Early Stage Startups.

The reason why we are promoting this event, is because we believe that many emerging startups can create new business dimensions, if they are exposed to an environment that enables them to exhibit and borrow knowledge. When successful entrepreneurs, speak about their early struggles,  its a huge motivation for newcomers. Word of wisdom from eminent speakers influence budding entrepreneurs.

Startup Saturday has reached a popularity height. As Headstart Network foundation is a non profit organisation, it formed a mission to change the world with entrepreneurship.  So 2016, September will be another vibrant session for Startups  to get interesting insights on the early businesses world. Get all your queries and inhibitions answered. Build yourself to win the startup eco system by participating with co Startups. Hear their business motives and ideas and share yours. Make the best use of this entrepreneur community driven forum.



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