Business Meets Sports in Startup Cricket League Bengaluru

Startup Cricket League Bengaluru

The Startup Cricket League Bengaluru was a mixture of sports and business

Bengaluru City recently witnessed its first Startup Cricket League Bengaluru filled with passion of sports and entrepreneurship. It started with handful of individuals who believed in business coupled with sportsmanship. They challenged the base parameters,  only to create a world of sports which erupts like a spark to make a breakthrough in existing condition.

Sixteen budding entrepreneurs who had similar ardour and belief came together to be a part of its first ever Startup Cricket League Bangalore, 2016.

6th August was the Dday for the league. Zesty entrepreneurs with their team were all set to burn the pitch. With the inclusion of international cricket startup team AZUGA, it was almost like adding fire to smoke. Viewers witnessed a battleground in the form of cricket on the pitch, but to mention with sportsman spirit on its high. To volunteer for the startup cricket league,  students from B schools like Symbiosis School of Media and Communication and IBI were invited.


To inaugurate the Startup Cricket League, they chose a lady who has a ‘never say die’ fervour. It was Nellima Poduta, who climbed Mount Everest, overcoming deathly obstacles.

Startup Cricket League Bengaluru- The Game

16 Startup teams played against each other. It had 8 pre quarter matches, whereby 8 teams made it to the pre quarter finals. As per rules only 4 team made it to the semi finals. For finals, two team qualied, I.e AZUGA and HAPPAY. It was one nail biting match. The enthusiasm and gleam of players were nothing short of our national team players. The viewers screamed and prayed for the teams as much as they do for their favourite players like Kohli or Dhoni.

The Business Hub

The playground was not only limited to cricket. As it said sportsmanship mixed with entrepreneurship, startups got opportunity to meet and shake hands with big investors  like Axilor Ventures,

Inventus Capital, IDIEN Ventures, Unitus Seed Fund and many more. The cricket ground turned into a modern day Gurukul. Startups vented out their ideas and prospects to the investors. There were special discussion panel on topics like ‘Next Big What’ and ‘Ideas to Venture’. The entrepreneurs had a great scope to broaden their horizon pertaining business ideas. They had the opportunity to exhibit their products and ideas to the world.

View of Founder ‘Mr. Sai Kiran Gunda’

Mr. Gunda believes that cricket is a medium to bring people together. So in the light of cricket, his perspective was to bring startups together and connect. Exchange of ideas and contacts can create new synergies or open more destinations. In this Startup Cricket League, nobody lost. Every Startup team got opportunity to place their products and ideas. Every team took home new ideas and connections. The B schools students who volunteered had the fortune to get a sea of experience in just one day. The event was a benchmark for city Bengaluru. Investors, entrepreneurs and startups, all were under same roof. A great opportunity and platform to share business prospective. It was not only for startups. Even big investors witnessed some out of the box entrepreneurship ideas. All in all, the event was a grand success both in the spirit of sport and in the essence of business.

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