The Stage is Set for the Largest Startup Fest of India

august fest

The August Fest is all set to open its 4th edition with a big bang

The curtains are about to rise for the 4th edition of grand August Fest. For those who do not know yet about August Fest, it is the greatest startup and entrepreneurs’ fest in whole of Asia. This fest celebrates art and entrepreneurship from all over Asia. Its successive three sessions have witnessed increase in participation of startups and investors. The 4th session is on the door with larger baggages of participants,  investors,  speakers and innovators.

Had a rendezvous with the founder of the fest, Kiran Maverick. Here is  what he had to say

We started off humbly in the year 2013, with about 500 participants. In three years we are among the largest startup conferences to emerge in Asia. For our 4th edition, we grilled ourselves for the last 24 months. We traveled around more than 30 countries to bring in the best speakers and influencers  to the fest. To name few speakers from last year, there were Vani kola of Kalaari Capital, Ananda Shankar, the Padmashree Award Winner, Rahul Narverkar of NDTV Ethnic Retail etc. This year we have speakers like Mr. Ernest Sanchez from Entrepreneur and Venture Capital. Ms. P Lakshmi Eswari, Joint Director at C DAC. The entire list of speakers is on our website.

There will be around 300 investors joining the fest this year.

The goal of the Startup Fest

Though we have funded one non equity startup last year, named Tin Men, our focus is not on monetary aid to startup. We have awarded a five lakh cheque to Tin Men. What we desire is, to create an atmosphere for startups to make their business adept to sustain in the long run. We aim at scaling their business to a new height. We conduct twenty workshops and master classes. We conduct special classes on areas like ‘Customer Acquisition’ , ‘Zero Budget Marketing’, ‘Unit Economics’, ‘Going Global’ and ‘Mobile Application.’

The USP for this year’s August Fest

We have a separate stage, where the startups pitch their business ideas and it is followed by panel discussion. This stage is the crux of our fest. This year we are planning to create a new record in India. We are working on to hold 100 non stop Startup pitches. That will be the longest duration of startup pitch in India.

After our third edition we emerged as the best Startup meet and Conference across the globe. It is largest Startup Fest in India. So we and the participants have a lot of hope and  expectations from our 4th edition.

Ream more about AugustFest 2016

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