Startup Scam – QI Group is topping the list Fraudsters

qi group

There is a new fraud coming into limelight and the name is QI Group of companies

QI Group is fraud that plays with people’s emotions with the help of a scientifically proven script. If you get a call from your very close friend saying “Looking for a partner on profit sharing bases”, please hang up. It is this group’s first step to pulling your wealth at free of effort.

QI Group using your friend to scam you

Couple of months back I realized that I was being underpaid and decided to look into the market for new opportunities. In March 2016 I get a call from a very close friend saying “I am running an ecommerce company, doing pretty well. My partner and I are looking for a partner on profit sharing bases. Since you’re good at marketing, this would be a great opportunity for you. Get your updated resume and come to Starbucks at sharp 2pm on Sunday”

I was excited that someone is offering me partnership at no cost. I went to Starbucks (coffee shop, Banjara Hills) and saw a guy and girl sitting outside trying to hide their faces from me. I didn’t bother much and went into the coffee shop to meet my friend. I asked my friend for details and he told me that his mentor (supposedly he trained my friend) is coming down especially to meet me and take an interview.

He further tells me that some girl who is doing amazing in this business has come down from Bangalore to meet me.Now I get a shock! I was introduced to the same girl who was hiding her face outside the coffee shop. She made me talk about myself bla bla bla. She leaves and the mentor walks in. This was like a heart attack to me. He is the same guy who was hiding his face from me outside the coffee shop.  I knew this is something fishy, but out of respect to my friend I decided to listen to them.

The mentor does not see my resume, he uses it as a scratch paper and tell me story about how he quit his amazing job to join this billion dollar organization. Note- the company name was revealed yet. Now the mentor talks about how expensive it is to live in this world and expenses will only rise with time. Explains a story of “rich dad poor dad” and loads and loads of crap that will get you make you quit your present job to start a business. He also talks about Tatas and Ambanis and how they took risk and made billions. We are still stuck with a 9-5 job hoping to provide food, shelter and clothing to our family. After all this Gyan, he shows couple of images of sportsmen where the Jersey had symbol of QI group. This is how the image and name of the company was revealed to me. Further some videos about founder of QI group talking about products were shown.

4 Lakhs to 4 crores in 4 years

After the heated session the mentor tells that they require a onetime investment of RS 4 Lakhs for me to make 4 Crores in 4 years. My job was to get people registered on QI group website, and when people buy anything from there, I will get commission out of that. This strategy they were following to provide premium products to customers at a low cost by removing marketing expenses (since we will do direct marketing of the website).

All that looked nice and attractive, especially my good friend telling me that he will help me make 4 Crores and he is doing me a big favour by bring me onboard. I told them I have to talk to my wife before taking any decision and I walked out. When asked for my resume, they refused to give it back to me as they wrote confidential calculations on it. Their revenue model was based on Pryramid growth, something like how Amway does it.

I knew this was a fraud and told them I will not join them. I totally forgot about the company until recently, another close friend calls up and says “Looking for a partner on profit sharing bases”. I knew it is QI group. I tried to get more information from my friend on Facebook but was unsuccessful. I refused to meet him without a name and finally two days back he called and told me that it is QI group. Unfortunately I cannot share pictures or telephonic recordings of mine with my friend since I have promised him confidentiality.

FB chat with my friend

This is when I looked into QI group to find out that they are actively scamming people since 2010.I decided to come up with this post so that people like my friends don’t get scammed. Visit QI website@  There is a special FB page for this fraud@ Read more about Startup Scam



  1. Pragyananda Parida

    January 28, 2017 at 1:11 pm

    Buddy, nice article. But what I read and understood is only one side of a story. You only went met and didn’t join. It doesn’t look to me that you lost your money or got cheated by someone. Can you file a police complaint with this piece of information. It may be your assumption and also look like the mistakes with the people who presented it. I am not discouraging you or taking any side as I have not done any business with qi group or got to do anything with it. But, one sided story like you might mislead people from getting something genuine.

    • Shishir Kumar

      January 28, 2017 at 1:52 pm

      Thanks for the comment. Current QI partners have not got a single rupee post investing 4 Lakhs for 4 years. I cannot take their name (because they have little hope of receiving some money) but I did talk to them before writing this. Also QI group meeting have been banned in Mumbai by the city police. There are lot of reports on this available in Google News Stand, more specific in DNA News.

    • Dimple

      April 30, 2023 at 6:13 pm

      I too was invited in Starbucks and they started with the script of rich and poor and middle class family. It’s hard to fulfill our dreams without passive income. I asked them about the business and my role for which I was invited, they had no proper reply. And in 4-5 years I will be earning in crores. But how???????? No answer. It’s a fake company that plays with the emotions of simple people

  2. LeoA

    September 16, 2017 at 11:02 am

    Anna, thanks a lot. Whatever happened to u last year, happened to me a few days ago. Got a call from a “good friend” who was looking for a partner. Rest of the story went exactly l u wrote in ur article minus the successful girl from Bangalore. Also, we didn’t meet in Starbucks but in coffee day in Banjara Hills. In this case his mentor was his cousin. Guy looks very handsome and talks in a sophisticated way. We r conditioned to judge a book by it’s cover. Looking at how posh he looks, I thought he was a genuine business guy. I said I will probably go with u as I’m not interested in 9-5 job. After all is said and done I was on my way back home in the cab and I was rewinding the meeting in my head and it felt like a perfectly scripted speech he gave me. I took my phone out searched QI group and found so many articles saying that it’s a fraud. Then I found ur article. Thanks again Anna. Hopefully more people will read ur work and don’t get involved in this scam.

  3. Rahul Mane

    November 27, 2017 at 7:11 pm


    I have experienced the same thing yesterday, but the place was Starbucks Powai which is one of the posh area of mumbai, my friend told me that his mentor is coming from pune in next five minute, when his mentor arrived i saw helmet in his hand then i realized how one can come from pune to powai on bike just to explain business to someone else, he could have come by other convenient sources. mentor asked me to invest 3.5 lac for investment and 25k right now for security deposit, when i told him i dont have that much amount now to pay, he said it’s ok you can submit EOD any how, please beware from such fraud peoples.
    Thanx Shishir Kumar for sharing your experience.

  4. Rahul Gutpa

    August 17, 2018 at 3:19 pm


    Thanks for your post bro. Helps a lot bro. I just got a call from my close friend and everything was exactly the same. Some bla bla Qi group and all. The problem is that the mentor who interviewed me don’t know what he was talking about. Said our company is in 220 countries and have 29 regional offices all over the world. That person didn’t even know there are only 195 countries in this world. I think he also considered another planet. Jokes apart. Guys don’t go for these kinds of schemes they are all fraud. One thing which really hurt me is that my close friend suggested me about all this. Now, I will show him true friendship when we meet. Beat the shit out of him so he will never dare to do this with any other friend.

    Guys, Be safe. I hope this post will help someone and also those guys who are trying to snatch money from others.

  5. Rajkumar Richard

    October 24, 2018 at 7:21 am

    I just got scammed n lost rs 1,29,000 from EXPORTERSINDIA from a supplier named kashifpets.(EXPORTERSINDIA EMAILED THE NAMES OF VERIFIED SUPPLIER) THEY hv verifies a fraud supplier since they r working together. Its all a teamwork.I had already build 3acre aviary in manipur. Imphal. I was planning to open an aviary park for public but lost rs 1,29,000 for 10 fertile macaw eggs n 1 incubator.Don’t do it! It is the worst experience I ever had. I invested over rs120,000 form Indian exporters for some macaw eggs and incubators. They call you every month saying now you need this and that and ask you for money.they even asked for export fee for shipment within the same country. I was even extorted early on saying that if I didn’t pay the delay airport charges, they would not deliver my order. All the promises were complete lies. I had so much RS into it, I felt I couldn’t walk away so would give in thinking maybe this time it would work. I feel I need to warn every single person I can. I tried to work with management and they would not guarantee services or refund me. I wish I could sue the pants off of them but have no idea being that this is an overseas company. I hope you heed this warning or it’s going to be a very long and difficult transaction for you. Good luck.

  6. Gagan patil

    April 5, 2020 at 6:38 pm

    Dear neagtive person
    Do u really think its a scam bro think twice, i got invested in many companies RCM herbel life and so many, some of them get run aways some of this still working. The who promised me something and got ran away thats called a scam. Bro understand the word scam. Your best telling and u didn’t do thats all. Are u really think its a scam.I read about qi group, it is the sponsor of Manchester and one of the sponsor of iifa.why u r creating so much negativity. I don’t understand u guys. This is the opportunity bro u lose. Now what u will do same job, same shit ur doing for many years. If u r not able to give 3 or 4lakhs. Just say them no simple. Why u guys spreading negativity bro. What u will have. I just start this business and i study all about it. And I’m proud to be part of it.

    • Aditya shekhar

      June 14, 2020 at 7:21 pm

      Thnx for some positivity man. People actually dnt research about anything. They jst search on google as if google tells all the truth😂. People open ur mind. Don’t be in assumptions that u know it all. People r still making money if u believe it or not.

  7. tejas

    May 11, 2020 at 9:00 am

    QI is now using the name qnet
    One of my close friend one day called me he has very good business opportunity in eCommerce business.If we do this business for 5 years we can earn 5 core. We don,t have to do job no more also we can buy luxury car, world tour an so more big things. Also we can help people. So I told good.As she was my close friend I believe her. So she called me one day for interview. At the time of interview the interviewer told me lots of negative things about job like you do’t have security i n job, don’t have time, no money. In the other side I you work on your free time you can earn cores. Very motivational speech. I thought she is saying correct. After 2 days my friend told you are selected for the business. Start up cost for this business is Rs- 250000. When I heard about the money. I told I don’t have the amount . She told don’t worry about the money. We shall help you for loan. So I had given Rs- 250000 to my fried to do eCommerce business & earn 5 crore. I was very happy. Family persons ware sill no bereave. But I was happy. But my happiness disappeared when I go the POA where all the cheaters call to the peoples to join the business I came to know this business is to call people & needs to join in the business like me. I told which type of business this is. They told business means you have to approach people. Business can be done only with the people. Now my all the dream & excitement done. I told my friend you told it is eCommerce business. Now I have to call peoples for investing money. I told him you should say this . He told this business process is secret needs to follow what upline says. I was shocked as I can’t call people to invest money & I have invested Rs- 250000. I told my friend I don’t want to do the bisiness you return the amount to me. She told you have got QVI club membership with that amout. We can not refund. All the products of this business which has not value & requirement in the market. Only they are selling their products by misguiding people. In mumbai , lots of people are avilable to cheat people like this. But no one taking action on them. This cheating process going on

    mumbai qnet group which sell such useless products are

    Kaustubh Moghe
    Mallika Ladi
    Ravi kumar chaurasiya
    Sagar metkari
    Jyoti parmar

    Pease read more about qnet if these people are try to sale dreams to you

    • Aditya shekhar

      June 14, 2020 at 7:28 pm

      Sadly man u look like a fool here, dont know about the businesses and which era ur living in. It’s not any traditional business where u have to sit in the shop full day. If ur getting something to do along with ur job, i dnt think it’s any harm. Research about modern entrepreneurship. I want to get this type of offer.

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