5 YEARS, 900 PROJECTS and 45 COUNTRIES – What is this CEO doing in India?


Atishe Chordia chooses his startup over the established family business

This is the story of a highly talented young man, set in circa 2011. Hailing from India, the land of entrepreneurs, Atishe has an established family business in finance waiting for him to take over. However, life takes him to Carnegie Mellon University where he majors in Mechanical Engineering, Economics & Statistics. He follows it up with a stint as product manager at a software consulting firm in New York that builds niche technology platforms for the financial services industry.

Restless to start his own venture in the technology field, Atishe heads back to India. In 2011, Atishe and his sister Nishyta set up a small firm offering design services, giving their undiluted dedication and hard work not knowing that it would materialize into a fully functional team providing the best web and mobile development services. Being a serial entrepreneur at heart, he is naturally inclined towards creating top notch product experiences. Thus, Atishe Chordia came to realize his dream of standing on his own two feet, on the foundation he built.

The company is conceptualized and launched with the purpose of delivering high quality web and mobile based services. Unlike most startup ventures, as on today, doodleblue has an elite clientele spanning across 45 countries. All this in 5 years. What was that! Magic?

The Inception:

Not having trodden the beaten path of a traditional MBA degree, Atishe has sharp business acumen, backed by his finance background. This helped him to traverse paths and carve a niche for himself in the vast world of entrepreneurs, albeit an initial struggle. This bold act paid off with a sustaining success and an ever growing client list.

doodleblue is the lovechild of talent and creativity. The Chordia siblings launched this idea because of their passion in conceptualizing compelling visual designs. With a compulsive liking for problem solving and technology, Atishe helped his fellow entrepreneurs with their set up activities, thus gaining hands on experience. Putting themselves in the shoes of well informed customers, they create some of the best user experience that sweeps their target audience right off their feet.

The Edge Factor:

What makes doodleblue stand out is its surpassing quality of deliverables. Today, technology solution service providers are in abundance and all of them are equally skilled to provide what is required. But there are very few individuals driven by limited capital and unlimited energy, who go the extra mile to give their best work. The R&D division at doodleblue is the powerhouse of knowledge that plays an important role in conceiving optimal solutions. All these factors are strong pillars of support when the company today provides service for bigger players in the market.

A Spoon Full Of Success:

The simple parameter for success is customers’ response upon usage of product. This is the scenario every time the product is delivered to the client and their needs are taken care of, end to end. Assured success is possible only when there is an ingrained feeling of serving every company with every kind of need, impartially and completely. The constant drive to create problem solver revolutionary products for clients keeps the company in the forefront and in the news. Success is a relative factor and is related to the client in every way imaginable.

Dreaming a sustainable future for this novel venture, Atishe is currently focusing on the R&D field, innovating new products based on Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Optical Character Recognition and Internet of Things. He believes that acquired knowledge stays firmly when taught to many. This stands testimony to the exclusive and intensive resource training conducted to impart knowledge on the latest technology. Constantly adapting to changes and always finding ways to be ahead in the game keeps the CEO and his dream alive that makes progressive leaps.

A rare characteristic of this young CEO is humility where his feet are firmly on the ground and has a good heart in place. Taking success and renovations in his stride, Atishe comes as a breath of fresh air, au contraire to other successful CEOs of his caliber.

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Article is written by Shruti Balakrishnan from

Shruti, is the Content Expert at doodleblue, a mobile app development company providing creative technology solutions to its clients. She has over five years of freelance experience in the writing field and has worked for leading media and event management companies. Being a compulsive blogger, Shruti handles the entire content creation for marketing strategies at doodleblue.

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