You can help India in these tough times

This is a tough time. Perhaps the toughest medical crisis as far as I can remember. WHO says 197 countries across the globe are infected with coronavirus disease (COVID-2019). Globally, 537,042 people have been confirmed positive for the disease and 24,110 people have already died due of this pandemic. India has 719 confirmed cases and 16 deaths so far. World’s largest democracy is trembling with fear of doom. Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi has declared a nationwide lockdown to control the situation.

Let us have a comprehensive look at ten countries having the most confirmed cases and also India. I have put ten countries at the top and India at the bottom. The first coronavirus case was reported in an unconfirmed manner somewhere in late October 2019 from China. Today, the situation is grim. world’s so-called second best healthcare system in Italy is fighting a tough battle, with the highest death rate from the disease as of now (10%). Old age population with multiple comorbidities may be one of the reasons, other reasons being the lack of far sight on the part of Italian administration.

The Covid-19 curfew has robbed daily wagers of their daily income. They said they have no food to feed them and their families. Many workers also wish to leave city, but are left stranded, as the railway and bus services have been suspended in light of the pandemic. Without the way to reach their villages, they are stranded on the streets. Employers who employed them have abandoned them.

Many daily wage workers lost jobs and many of them are unable to feed themselves or their families. many believe that hunger will kill them even before coronavirus does. World Health Organization says that 1.5 crore children will suffer from malnutrition due to hunger. All the little hungry souls who are waiting for food should get something to eat. You can feed a child by donating Rs.10 to Donate4India. Your small donation means a lot to a hungry child. For more information visit

You can help India in these tough times
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