Top business communication apps for remote work productivity

Business communication apps or say office communication tools are a way of effective communication within an organization. Communication software and tools are now anticipated in the modern business world, as they have been shown to have a positive effect on employee interaction and workplace communication. Organizations that do not provide their workers with the correct contact resources are now falling behind as their staff becomes increasingly disengaged, unmotivated, and less integrated and educated.

Workforces are increasingly dependent on efficient communication apps due to the rising growth of remote workers and scattered workplaces globally. Staying associated with the workforce irrespective of the venue is crucial to preserving the productivity of the team and an essential part of day-to-day operations.

Top business communication apps are-


 Slack is organizational messaging software and networking platform built to make meetings and interactions more productive in daily workplaces. Thus that the need to deliver countless email messages and helping to allow more efficient team interactions. Slack will enable companies to build internal networks to collaborate between different teams, exchange information, and interact with each other.

Features- Messaging, file sharing, direct messages, API and app integration, channel creation, audio and video calls, project management, screen sharing, customizations, and many others.

Microsoft Teams

 Teams is a communication program that allows you to contact your colleagues immediately, exchange information or services, and call them directly via a video or audio call. Team meetings, conversations, and files and data are stored on one single hub.

Features- Messaging, real-time collaboration, audio and video calling, conference calls, private chats, API, and other app integration 


Trello is an essential tool that creates a process management system and visual workflow for projects. The cloud-based interface helps you to collaborate with the colleagues and add documentation to and assignment directly, holding it in one location. The platform is a bit different, as you can only discuss the things not like a chat but in the cards.

Features- File attachment, in-line editing, easy to use, card records archive, calendar


HipChat is another common team collaboration tool that can be accessed anywhere in the world from the web or the smartphone. It’s available in a free version edition, but there’s also an affordable paid version, which adds additional features. Designed to work with Google Drive, Facebook, Dropbox, and other common apps, it is a flexible and inexpensive way for small businesses to choose.

Features- Chat rooms, private messaging, file sharing, video calling, screen sharing, emoticons and bots, app integration


 Basecamp fills the gap between the employees and the clients. It is built to make information exchange and working on tasks simpler for people in various divisions within an organization. It offers an effective and simplified solution for managing a range of internal contact and organizational requirements by consolidating corporate communications, project management, and consumer relations in one location. Basecamp’s discussion boards minimize the need for complex, difficult-to-navigate email chains by combining discussion on a topic in one place. It also handles duties and to-do lists for staff.

Features- Calendar, interactive GUI, Gantt-charts, scheduling, task history, project templates, to-do lists.


Chanty is a powerful AI-powered chat app with an extensive history of messages intended to make business teams more efficient. This tool allows accessible communication, audio and video calls, and easy collaboration within the team.

Features- Unlimited message history, unlimited tasks, pins for an important message, file sharing, audio, and video conferencing, integrations


Fleep is a flexible chat software and interactive messaging system intended for usage by teams and project groups that require every individual mix. Every Fleep person who is available to others within and outside of an enterprise may converse with another. Fleep interacts with any email client to enable contact connectivity even before sign-up and even to send/receive emails from inside the program itself. While promoting team meetings, mission correspondence, or basic one-to-one interactions, Fleep saves and exchanges data or materials connected with it.

Features- Messaging, message history, screen sharing, file transfer, progress tracking, app integration, search functionality.   


Chatwork is a platform for social networking amongst businesses. If you’re dealing with various clients and colleagues across the world, Chatwork helps you to communicate with them in both private and public community chats. This also provides options for job scheduling, video chat features, and apps for communication management.   

Features- Chat, task management, notifications, file sharing, video chat, user management, activity tracking, search functionality.

Choose the best-suited app as per your organization and enhance employee productivity and overall work productivity.  Here’s the link to a guide for best remote productivity hacks:

Top business communication apps for remote work productivity
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