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What start-ups should learn from MS Dhoni?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni or MS Dhoni is one of the most successful sportsperson and an iconic captain of the Indian team. Many people believe that is a mere luck, good fortune and great timing for his success, but actually a clear pattern of skills and qualities can be seen. However, entrepreneurs must be thinking how would it help them to flourish? Since, an individual can be inspired by any success story and what else can be better served than that of the great cricketer. Therefore, following are some lessons that an entrepreneur should learn for a better growth of business.

  1. Dealing with failures

Failures can lower the morale of any person. It is an art of how one handles a failure and could not let it affect you. After a chain of losses, MS Dhoni comes back with a bounce that is the victory of World Cup 2011. All it requires is a great character with some healthy attitude. Entrepreneurs must be focused on the work rather crying over the spilt milk.

  1. Work planning

Dhoni’s mind can be referred to as a warehouse of strategies. Every work needs planning which is concrete and not in an abstract sense. Planning does not end with just carrying out a layout, proper executions makes it a success. There must be a scope for contingencies. Similarly, an entrepreneur should work accordingly.

  1. Delegation of work

There cannot be sole responsibility of the leader. He/she must delegate the work to lessen the burden. As Dhoni did, all entrepreneurs should give others a chance. If you are not capable of taking any decision in a certain matter, let it be and pass it onto the able one.

  1. Building a team

Dhoni has a good insight of what all a team needs. He selected youth, experience, attitude, and a fulsome amount of motivation during world cup 2011. A perfect working team is the main secret behind every success. So every entrepreneur shall keep these attributes in mind while selecting a team for the betterment of the start-up.

  1. Maintain the identity

As the biopic movie of MS Dhoni has used the most noted line “Dhoni koi Tendulkar nahi hai, Dhoni, Dhoni hai.” This line has significantly thrown the light on the concept of individuality. As an entrepreneur, don’t try to be Mark Zuckerberg or Mukesh Ambani. You just need to be yourself and maintain your brand identity.

  1. Dealing with criticism

Handling criticism is a very important lesson to learn. Dhoni behaves calmly and resents himself as a confident man enough for handling such situations. The critics must be shown respect and not anger or frustration. Starting from the family and friends, employees, customers all would be commenting on our acts.

  1. Confronting success

Once you attain success, you must be down to earth. Dhoni followed this policy which has elevated his ladder of success. He gives credits to his team always. So as an entrepreneur your behaviour towards the customers and the employees tells about how you have balanced your mind with the work.

  1. Pressure

Dhoni is also called as Captain Cool, which indicates the calm attitude in the toughest situations. Being a cool entrepreneur, you can soothe your team under pressure and help them to be focused. Stress cannot be afforded to come as a hurdle against your success. Rather high stress situations are a part of an entrepreneur’s life.

  1. Trust

MS Dhoni shows a great trust on his players. So being an entrepreneur, you must display confidence on your team members without any fear of failure. Your act of showing faith will improve the morale of the team as well as smoothes the functioning at the workplace. The employees will be blessed with a sense of responsibility.

  1. Never give up

A success is not a bed of roses, rather will come taking many odds along with itself. Dhoni has an inexplicable skill of focusing on the job while ignoring all the adverse situations outside. The IPL controversy proved to be a failure in shattering the captain. Likewise, all the entrepreneurs must not give up and should try every possible way out.

So just be yourself and have enough confidence to succeed against all odds. Try to indulge yourself with some positive and pragmatic attributes and the success will come with flying colours.

This article has been contributed by Simran Setia, Content Writer, LegalRaasta- an online platform for GST Registration, GST Return Filing, GST Software etc.

What start-ups should learn from MS Dhoni?
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. pranit

    December 18, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    Great post. I love the way you compiled the qualities and drawbacks of Indian Cricket Team captain. I really like his personality and this is the reason that he was able to reach the hearts of Indian audience within such a small span of time. I would also mention that you can learn something from every individual. Some teach you patience, while some teach you attitude. Good job. Thanks for sharing.

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