Faqir Chand Kohil

All problems can be solved if Indians can use a computer

Father of Indian Software Faqir Chand Kohil inaugurated a research block in IIT Hyderabad that is named after him on Monday. During this he said India has a great potential in IT and computer Hardware and 800 million uneducated Indians should be educated.

Currently China’s computer hardware size is $150 Billion, while India is only $15 Billion. It’s the 800 million people who can make Indian a global hub for IT and computer hardware.

“While China’s computer hardware industry is of the size $150 billion, India’s is just $15 billion. As many as 800 million Indians do not know English and, therefore, do not know even to use computer. Imagine the huge potential Indian IT and hardware sectors will have if these 800 million Indians can learn to use computers. We need to address several problems like these, if India has to be counted on world scene,” said Kohli.

All problems can be solved if Indians can use a computer
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