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NFO: Reliance Fixed Horizon Fund – XXXIV – Series 2

A mutual fund is an investment fund which is professionally managed by pooling money from many investors. This type of fund is all the rage in the world right now. There are many advantages as well as some disadvantages to it. Reliance has jumped on the bandwagon and has launched its scheme called the reliance Fixed Horizon Fund in India. The reliance Horizon Fund – XXXIV – Series 2 as is a close ended income scheme. The advantage of this scheme is that it’s able to provide returns as well as growth over the tenure.

The New fund offer or NFO as it is usually called opened on 16 may 2016 and will close on 18 May 2017. The two securities that the scheme seeks to invest in are Central and state Government securities and other fixed income/debt securities. However, the company doesn’t guarantee that the objective will be achieved.

The scheme has also assured the customers that it would not invest in foreign securities or the securities that engage in short selling as it wants a risk-free investment. Debt securities, however, is the prime target of the scheme to invest into.

Since this is a close ended scheme the purchase of the units can only be done during the New Fund Offer period which is from 16th May 2017 to 18th May 2017. The dematerialized units are only allowed to be traded on the stock exchange. This scheme also doesn’t offer any entry or exit load. The company has set Rs 5000 as the Minimum Application Charges which can be incremented in multiples of Rs 1 in addition to the MAC.

The scheme has set the Crisil Composite Bond Fund Index as the benchmark however it is strongly advised to consult an advisor who has good financial knowledge before making an investment in this kind of fund. As mutual funds are subject to market risks it should be purchased with keeping in mind the financial backing of a person and one’s goal in life so that if something goes wrong it doesn’t ruin your whole life.

NFO: Reliance Fixed Horizon Fund – XXXIV – Series 2
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