HostBooks- Bringing Automation, Transparency, and Security to your Accounting Needs

HostBooks, a Cloud based Accounting and Compliance application platform with a perfect blend of accounting and cutting-edge technology. The software serves as an all-in-one accounting solution for Accounting, GST, Payroll, E-waybill, TDS returns, business finances, bank transactions etc.

HostBooks has taken automation into the next level, it’s simple and conclusive automated workflows helps you to save your precious time immensely. Clients can enter any financial information into the system and set up a workflow that automatically updates all the other accounting information each month or at any required time.

Through AI based automation, HostBooks has been able to solve many time ticking financial responsibilities such as reconciliation, bank transaction imports, and payments, tax returns to quick, simple, effective so, that there’s far less valuable time spent such tasks.

Along with this, HostBooks cloud-based platform gives a complete GST solution in a single enclosure. Helping in overcome the impediments related to GST billing and return filing, an easy import of GSTR-2A, auto-matching, and reconciliation, automatic reminders, and single sign-on authentication, HostBooks works to ease out the burden with the help of automation.

The HostBooks E way bill tool renders an effortless E-way bill generation with an immediate cancellation and rejection facility. The software is integrated with the government portal providing real-time updates. All the applications are also available as mobile apps, enabling users to access the information through its mobile device.

HostBooks accounting software provides with real-time data and helps you track inventory, sales, expenses and any pending financial transaction any-where any-time on the go. On the go accessibility of HostBooks approach solves the problem for the businessmen who are on constant business travel as they can access financial data on the go. Also, it can run on any device like desktop, laptop, tabs, mobile etc. and any platform Windows, Ubuntu, Linux, Mac etc.

When maximum work is digitized, the efforts can be used to enhance productivity, maximize revenue, plotting the course for paramount success.

For clients, the most valuable thing is the security of the data and HostBooks through a combination of document encryption, user authentication, and authorization, provide security of the data of the highest level. The software is furnished with the advanced data security feature through AWS i.e Amazon Web Service ensuring the safety of all the financial information of the clients.

The automatic data backup and restoration facility provided by HostBooks avoids any possibility of data loss due to any cloud instability or software failure. Ultimately, transitioning from a traditional frame of accounting by paperwork to cloud-hosted accounting software is a big step. But HostBooks through its dedicated team of professionals and technical support help the clients for easy access to comprehensive accounting solutions.

HostBooks- Bringing Automation, Transparency, and Security to your Accounting Needs
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