Electric Vehicles (EV) are future demand and Srinivasan Arunachalam joined MICEL as CEO.

 As people are rushing to Electric Vehicles, automakers are focusing on long range battery vehicles. Auto making Investors focus is mainly in enhancing the charging infrastructure.
In order to provide more innovative and reliable e-mobility charging solutions that help create a digital space linking vehicles, buildings, and utilities, there is an urgent need for Electric Vehicle Charging solutions providers to focus on. Electric vehicles require compact EV charging solutions that ensure faster and on-demand charging and robust connectivity to support electric vehicles’ current and future needs.

The Global electric vehicle charging station market  size is expected to grow more than Three Crore (30,000,000) units by 2027. Developing adequate EV Charging infrastructure is the need of the hour in order to meet the demand of rising customers. Wireless charging of Electric Vehicles is also creating a buzz in the automotive marketspace.

Types of Chargers:
(1) Portable chargers as well as wall mountable chargers are suitable for home use.(2) Plug and play Chargers suitable for Public places by using software applications that can authenticate the user by seeing the Radio Frequency Identification Tags.(3) Direct Current (DC) chargers suitable for all types that can accommodate 30KW – 300 KW (Kilo Watt) of Electric Vehicles. These are the fastest among the three types.

MIC is a global leader in design, development & manufacturing of LED Video displays, MIC’s new direction planned for the year 2022 is to take forward-looking steps towards becoming India’s largest EV enabler within the next 5 years, while parallely continuing their existing business verticals as well. 24+ Indian Railway stations having MIC’s passenger information systems. Headquartered in Hyderabad, MIC has expanded its Pan-India presence in the form of a vast network of marketing, sales and service support centres in all metros of India. To meet the growing demand of its products worldwide, it also has offices in Australia, Korea and USA.

“We are elated to onboard Srinivasan Arunachalam as MIC’s CEO. We believe that Srinivasan will bring his decades of impeccable experience along with strong process and build-up skills which has helped him previously to build business from scratch and turn around companies. Srinivasan’s appointment is the right step for chartering a successful future of MIC Electronics, and will help us in creating immense value addition for the company, especially in terms of capital infusion, mergers and acquisitions and in creating a new work culture – all of which collectively will be solidifying the future growth trajectory of the organization,” said Kaushik Yalamanchili, MD, MIC Electronics Limited.

“I am excited to be a part of the management and leadership team at MIC Electronics as their CEO. MICEL – a globally-leading company whose legacy has been in LED products, electronic and telecommunication equipment — strongly believe that the future era of transportation will be electric to pave a cleaner and greener world. Thus, my priority and key focus as their CEO in the upcoming months would be to create and acquire technology resources and leverage existing skill sets in order to build a strong presence for MIC in the EV ecosystem. I am looking forward to taking up the new challenge and embarking on the journey to take MIC Electronics to newer heights of success and scalability in the years to come,” said Srinivasan Arunachalam, on joining MIC Electronics Limited.

Battery makers will gain from a new swapping policy for Electric Vehicles as it was heard “Plans to expand India’s transport technology” by Seetharaman too during the Budget Session this month.

Electric Vehicles (EV) are future demand and Srinivasan Arunachalam joined MICEL as CEO.
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