Pros and Cons of EduTech Startups

edutech startups

Of all the sectors in the Startup community, EduTech startups are interesting and challenging. Not because of its uniqueness but of its challenges and wide opportunities. On the other hand, as it is everywhere, it has its pros and cons despite all the efforts put in. The following are some of them written keeping in mind of the educational institutions and the opportunities to make them better and hence the education system better.


Huge Market

Schools are in every nook and corner, these days and for an edutech startup to reach out to schools is not a big task. Their product or service needs to comfort the life of students or to improve their skill, in an unconventional way. They are good to approach the management and place a deal.

No Recession

Every year, a batch of students is going out and a batch coming in. Schools’ strength remain the same with little tolerances in growth. So, there is no recession as such in this sector, and there’s always a need.

Societal Service

When dealing with education of the children, we are dealing with something very sensible because they are the builders of the nation and the hope of the future. It is society-oriented and the public won’t dislike the job.


Many Competitors

Huge the market, many the competitors are. This shouldn’t be a con as long as it is a promising startup with its core team. Although, there is a competition out there, one could only get the deal when he places it clearly on the school/college management’s table.


This is not surprising and it is everywhere. But in the education startup scenario, it is critical. It is so because of sensible market. The challenge can be laying the bridge between you and the students – the management, or it can be the students who couldn’t make up and utilize properly, or the market which has a better go to the problem or it can be anything. All of these can be avoided by being clear in the mission and vision of the startup and pitching it up perfectly in the first place and thereby gaining the trust of the management.

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