Pradeep Agarwal Fostered the Growth of CRM In India

Pradeep Agarwal Fostered the Growth of CRM In India

While working at a leading CRM company, Pradeep Agarwal developed their business in India and expanded the net new revenue from zero to $1.7m in just 2 years.

The vital tenet of any thriving business enterprise is the rapport and connection they maintain with their customers. Building this association does not end when the customers have bought a product or availed of a service. Rather, a veteran in the industry, Pradeep Agarwal states, “it becomes more important from that point as to how the company can foster the transactional relationship into a long-term connection between the two.”

The necessity of this attitude in business does not always translate into execution. Within a company, many moving parts are involved in customer solutions in their unique ways – marketing, sales, commerce, and service. Maintaining an easy flow of information related to feedback, requirements, and other miscellaneous data for hundreds and thousands of customers is a mammoth task.

When this immensely complex process is streamlined, the exponential growth of a company and its reputation among the customers is all too natural. One of the CRM market leaders explains “Customers aren’t buying software, they’re entering a relationship with a company that’s going to help them navigate the future of technology”.

A prominent company that offers a comprehensive package of CRM Solutions aimed at easing the operations for others entered the Indian enterprising domain to bring the clients and the customers together in the Indian business space. The features provided by the platform include automatic tracking of emails & meetings; managing leads, opportunities, & accounts; creating custom dashboards & reports; delivering social, chat, and email support; and saving time with customer self-service.

Customers are intelligently connected with the company by uniting sales, service, marketing, commerce, IT, and analytics. Since empowered employees serve customers better, the solutions offered by the CRM market leader target the choking points within the network.

Their Einstein AI automates repetitive tasks, while the inbuilt Employee Experience features make collaboration between teams far more effortless and productive. Moreover, the company’s Trailblazers and Reskilling hub offer free training to help the workforce tackle new challenges.

In 2006, the company chose Pradeep Agarwal as its most important asset in establishing and expanding itself in India. Having worked at IBM as Client Relationship Manager, he was given the responsibility of developing the company’s business opportunities.

Pradeep Agarwal recalls that at the time when he joined the company, “it had approximately $350m global revenue, a cloud-based proposition, and zero presence in India. However, I could see that Cloud was the future, and I relished the challenge, so I joined Salesforce as their first employee in India.”

Over the next two years, he developed and executed the blueprints for market entry and growth with his “4+40+400” approach, which included sector focus, sales team, partner team, product and price strategy, promotional plan, and sales process. His tactics were well-received by the Indian market and the company’s new net revenue reached 1.7 million dollars ACV (annual contract value) soon after its operations began.

In recognition of his efforts, Pradeep Agarwal was chosen as the Best Field Sales Manager for Asia within his first year with the company. For the particular global leader in CRM, its story in India would remain incomplete without Pradeep-Agarwal, the person who took up the challenge of bringing the global leader to the Indian business space and proved his mettle in achieving the set targets.

Pradeep Agarwal Fostered the Growth of CRM In India
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