Capgemini appoints Srinivas Kandula as New CEO

French data innovation and IT organization Cap Gemini SA on Wednesday said it has selected Srinivas Kandula as CEO for India successful 1 January, Promoting Aruna Jayanthi to look after wordlwide operations.

At present, Capgemini has more than 87,000 word force in India, which is almost half of the entire organisation and has more than 800 clients.

Kandula joined iGate Corp. in 2007 and functioned as official VP.

Kandula is credited with driving iGate’s business technique, HR, quality administration and advertising portfolios all around.

India has become a significant market for Capgemini after acquiring iGate. In the tenth greatest acquisition by capgemini, the organization gained iGate in April for $4.04 billion trying to reinforce its vicinity in the Indian and North American market.

Kandula assumed a key part in the acquiring Mumbai-based Patni Computer Systems Ltd by iGate for $1.22 billion.

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