Brand Recognition – How to solve this puzzle ?

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is an extent to which target audience can correctly identify brand communication by viewing the marketing collaterals; it could be a logo, tag line, packaging or advertising campaign. Brand recognition can be attained in pace when we do an effective corporate branding, product branding and personal branding continuously with consistency.

In today’s overcrowded market, it is very easy for marketing collaterals to go unrecognized. But one of the ways to attain or retain brand recognition is to follow the principles of brand management. These will help to create trust in the minds of customers, which will translate into repeat sales and better profits.The sooner the company establishes itself to a brand identity and sticks to it, the better are its chances of continued success.

Effectiveness of Brand Recognition

If a brand is well known and accepted widely among the targeted audience that means the company has achieved itsobjective of brand recognition. Every company should make an effort to reach the brand recognition mark since this can help them to increase the sales for their products, increase their brand value, trust for brands/ products etc.

Steps for creating brand recognition

  1. Deliver brand promise

Every customer has certain expectation on brand and these expectations are formed based on the brand promise through marketing collaterals. One of the examples of brand promise statement made by most of the popular brands (Flipkart) is “Delivering 100% original product”. Brand recognition starts when brand promises are achieved continuously with reflection among the targeted customers; hence brand promises has to be identified carefully and penetrated or communicated to targeted customers through marketing collaterals consistently with continuity.

  1. Always be dynamic on corporate branding, product branding and personal branding

It is now a mandate that we need to constantly communicate what our brand or corporate stands for in a consistent manner, this will act as a reminder for our targeted customers resulting in better sales. Today market is flooded with options and hence we need to be in front of the customers on a continuous basis with a thumb rule “Surprise and Surpass”. We need to be active on online and offline through various campaigns, activities, etc without leaving the brand promise, consistency and continuity.

  1. Consistent and continuity of marketing materials

Repetition makes it perfect, similarly consistent and continuity makes brand recognition. We must follow the brand identity irrespective of marketing collateral and media (online and offline); that means same image, logo, color, pattern with freshness every-time.

Hurdles for brand recognition

Once brand is recognized customers usually buy the product just by seeing their brand logo or symbol or by color because we all are humans; we believe our eyes more than the brain. Today there are many counterfeit products available in the market that can create confusion in the minds of customers and many sellers promote counterfeit products because of higher trading margin.

Another important hurdle is lack of co-ordination between sales team, brand management team, digital marketing and advertising agency. Many organization has three independent agencies one for brand management; second for advertising agency and third for digital marketing company. Generally all departments work independently without following the principles of brand management resulting in inconsistent promotion.

Moving Forward

Intellectually Property Rights (IPR)

We need to pay significant attention with respect of intellectual property rights.The acquisition and possession of these rights are important assets for any brand or company. The companies can combat the counterfeit products by the means of patents and trademarks. This will help them to a great extent to prevent others to counterfeit their product.

Consistent and continuous improvement

Our competitors will definitely try to increase their market share with various initiatives. So we need to open our eyes, ears to identify unique opportunities to create distinction among competitors. We need to have fast adapting nature (tit for tat) to answer the competitor claim without missing our identity. We should be equipped to react and resolve the risk and issues in shortest possible time.

Analyze and optimize

Newton’s third law states every action has got equal and opposite reactions, hence each and every action from a company or brand need to be planned, documented, analyzed and optimized continuously. This will help to get desired results with less expenditure and we will be able to improve our business process at every level.

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