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Beehive is a fast-emerging HR Tech leader focused on developing and implementing workforce management solutions. In the market for over 6+ years, Beehive is dedicated to client success and the continuous improvement of technology, processes, and professional development. Beehive aims to distinguish itself as a global leader in providing quality and innovative solutions in the space of human capital management.

Haresh Awatramani the CEO of Beehive is an innovator and forerunner in the field of Human Resource Management with over 20+ years of industry experience in technology and communications. Piloted by strong core values like professionalism, technical competency and authenticity, Haresh brings ground-breaking and first-of-its-kind products to his clients that are exemplary in the world of HR. As the CEO of Beehive, Haresh is an extraordinary leader who is building a cutting edge custom Human Resource Software that is a completely cloud-based one-stop HR solution for companies, focused on technology to become a key driver of employee wellness. Exerpts from the interview with Haresh.

Q1. Tell us about your startup and what made you start it. What was the inspiration?

Beehive has been in the market for over six years. We focus on providing businesses with Cloud-based or On-premises HRMS (HR Tech) software that lays out effective capabilities to implement HR
activities smoothly. Our comprehensive HRMS Software addresses all aspects of employee management. We have strategically positioned ourselves as an employee management platform that supports talent management, employee engagement and succession planning. We strive to foster a positive work environment, thereby assisting organisations in reducing revenue leakage due to incorrect calculations, while also focusing on employee productivity.
Based on our client’s specific needs, we provide software as individual modules that are custom fit to their needs, as well as an integrated suite for workforce management in both cloud-based and on-premises models.
In terms of motivation, I’ve always wanted to use new age technologies to provide affordable talent management solutions to SMEs, which is what inspired me to build Beehive. As global organisations started embracing a transparent work culture, I wanted to be able to provide the same to employees working in Indian organisations. This, in turn, would help organisations manage talent, productivity and growth.


Q2. Throw some light on your early life, education, professional background and previous experience and current role.

I studied Computer Engineering at Swami Vivekananda Polytechnic and HR Analytics at IIM Rohtak. I have worked in Software Solutions and communications solutions in organizations like Motorola, Timeline Automation, and ITISL before venturing into entrepreneurship. With over 20 years of industry experience in technology and communications, I have developed software solutions for International as well as Indian clients.

At Beehive, my prime focus is to provide flexible, affordable, and people-centric solutions to enhance the work culture of employees in organisations. Beehive is a one-stop HR solution for businesses, with a focus on technology to become a key driver of talent management.
The hi-tech products that my team and I created led to Beehive winning several awards.

Apart from being a professional leader, I enjoy playing cricket and actively participate in the sport with other industry leaders as part of cricket associations.

Q3. What is your product trying to achieve?

Our HRMS software is backed by technologies such as AI, Big Data, and Cloud. With organisations switching to the hybrid work model, there is a greater need to achieve a culture of employee driven flexibility and human leadership across all functions. Beehive HRMS helps SMEs achieve a transparent work culture. It enables HR managers and employees to continuously monitor and track their performance. Our two new modules, goal setting and performance, are geared towards the
post-pandemic workplace culture. The Goal setting module aligns the goals of employees with that of the organisation. The performance management module caters to the end-to-end process of
performance appraisal. It supports the concept of continuous feedback that can give employees a sense of direction with regard to their goals and performance.

Q4. How different is it from existing models? How do you want to compete with them considering the market is already saturated?

Instead of investing in multiple software, a company can find a one-stop solution here that combines several systems and processes to manage and optimise daily HR tasks as well as an organization’s overall HR goals. We place a strong emphasis on employee productivity, in contrast
to other existing HR Tech solutions that are primarily focused on payroll and recruiting. Our HR analytics improves senior management decision making by providing the right data at the right time. Our data-driven approach, which is powered by several cutting-edge technologies such as AI and ML, essentially allows them to gain insight into employee data, trends, and even moods.

Q5. What is the traction so far? How has covid affected your growth?

Compared to the pre-covid period, we have grown by more than 50% and are seeing strong brand traction. With businesses focusing on the human resources department during the pandemic period and the employee experience, the maturity of digital business adoption in HR is comparable to that of other functions such as finance, supply chain, and manufacturing processes.

Q6. What is your vision to scale your business? (Like funding, marketing plan etc)

We plan to expand our business to tier-2 and tier-3 cities through partner networks. We want to make our product available to companies in these cities so they too have the right technology for talent management and are at par with companies in tier 1 cities. We have recently partnered with BD Soft to further expand the business.

Q7. Any other interesting information you would like to share with us?

This is the year of transformation as we will be launching the Nirmana series where we are looking at making changes to the modules. Through this launch, we aim to support the needs of organisations in the post-pandemic era. This is a complete facelift of our product wherein we are making the product easy to use with minimum training.


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