AskCred is offering free credit counseling to help you pay debt

This August, AskCred is offering free credit counseling to help you pay debt and avoid default amidst Coronavirus

Countless Indians are facing significant financial disruption because of the Coronavirus pandemic, whether it be business losses, pay cuts or job losses.

The moratorium on loan repayments offered by the RBI has provided temporary relief to borrowers but this facility too will come to an end in August.

1. Who should apply ?

Are you struggling to make ends meet ?

Are you stressed about how to make repayments once the loan moratorium ends ?

Are you worried that you may lose your house because of your inability to repay loans?

Are you making minimum payments on your credit card ?

Have you lost your job and are your savings running out ?

If the answer to any of the above questions is ‘YES’ and If you’re struggling to make ends meet or looking for financial relief from the Coronavirus pandemic, AskCred’s free credit counseling service can help you to understand your options and help keep your financial obligations on track.

To help you, AskCred, which is India’s first AI based credit helpline, is opening up their portal for people to register, ask questions and receive free credit guidance from a credit expert. 

2. What can I look forward to ?

People who register will be advised on how to deal with their specific issus such as moratoriums, looming debt and financial stress. 

People can also receive assistance on how to put together an emergency budget and all the things that you may need help with as you set your financial priorities.

3. How can you access this free counseling?

You can access the AskCred’s free credit counseling service by registering on their website. This free service is availabe only for the month of August.

4. How long will the free counseling session take?

A phone session call with a credit expert will typically last about half an hour.

One should be prepared with information such as

– A list of all your monthly household expenses and your debts (such as credit cards, home loans, car loans etc). This also may include debts to family or friends.

– Know the amount of income that you have. If you don’t have any income, how much a fund you have to get by through this time.

– Talk about any stress that you may be feeling emotionally or mentally which you feel is bothering you.

5. Is this session free?

– The call with the credit expert will be available free of cost for the month of August

AskCred is India’s first AI based credit helpline which helps users to navigate the financial maze of loans, budgeting, credit cards, debt traps, credit scores and a lot more. Trusted financial advisors are tough to find. The objective is to provide users with a seamless, unbiased, low cost and trustworthy experience.

AskCred is offering free credit counseling to help you pay debt
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