App or Browser what should you launch first?

app or browser

Bootstrap startups have thoughts over what to launch first, an app or mobile compatible website browser. The answer is here

In this digital age, customers can be more easily targeted by startups on where they stay at the most. Every major or minor Startup either has a app or browser (website) or app. But which of the both make sense?

Mobile Website

A mobile browser is a sensible way for any company to start its reaching strategies. Mobile websites are simple enough to be reached by users of any kind of mobile phones. All one needs to do is type in a simple URL and get to their designation. With a simplistic and clear approach, a website can create a great impact on advertising push. It can be easily reached and a mobile website can be shared with anyone else which won’t be the case in an app. A website with mobile compatibility is easy to build, maintain and easily findable by users.

Mobile App

But that doesn’t mean that apps don’t make sense. Apps are great when it comes to customer interaction. Apps are cosy. With their diversified features and access to a wider reach of the firm, apps work wonders. With features like push notifications and added products/services which are otherwise absent in a mobile browser, apps account for the most of the user base calculation. An app can define the user base in most cases. Apps are easy to use and can also be taken offline which won’t be seen in a mobile website.

App or Browser

An interactive services firm or a product firm cannot work on a mobile website. It HAS to have another way to reach its users. An offline app is always a step ahead than a limited featured mobile website. Apps provide a really cool branding experience and soulful design relaxations making them more appealing to users. They offer good personalisation for users than that of a website.

While apps have diversified features, when it comes to sharing them, they at times fail;(My friends and I generally screenshot and send but that’s a tedious thing to do). Apps are best for anything else but a simple user info giver. Imagine the website of an NGO, it doesn’t necessarily require a mobile application. That’s the visible line of advertising.

Let’s speak Statistics, 86% of the users opt for a mobile application while the rest use mobile browsers. App or Website, it all comes down to the targeted user base. A website without a meaning or an app without users is ridiculous. A carpooling app with a million downloads and not even a 100 active users is a waste of time, money and energy.

If you have returning users that use your service, an app is best to have. You can send notifications about new offers and it is more intriguing that a promotional sms.

If you have users that visit your service only when required, mobile browser is good enough.

This will give you a clear idea of what to choose: A mobile website or an app for the mobile user base.

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