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7 Best Things you can explore with Google web analytics

7 Best Things you can explore with Google web analytics

Google analytics brings its best of latest organization and visualization features. Make the most out of Google analytics with our top things to explore.

Improve your content, conversion and User experience

Exploring online ad campaigns with high conversions and traffic

It’s an advanced feature to take an insight of knowing which ad campaigns bring more revenue and traffic for you. Create an advanced segment to track traffic from local search directories by calling custom segment search list.

Determine your audiences

Google analytics simplify your task of exploring targeted audiences under “Location” demographics view. From this, you can know who to target and their Geo locations.

Exploring important analytics data

To check more than one data, just change your settings in dashboard menu. You can create multiple dashboards with multiple widgets for your purpose. Choose your widgets that show metrics like timeline or pie chart data. This feature is great when you want to choose all in one place with on overview of traffic or goals stats

Learning user interests

You know keyword usage that brings more visitors to your site. Google web analytics help you to discover user searching terms on your site. Perform search to URL of search results. In web analytics menu, under site search settings, track site search with search query parameters.

Discovering Lead contents

Know which all the pages that engage visitors for a long time with less bounce rate. Check this with under site pages menu in web analytics.

Determining audience actions

If your site has many step checks out process, then set up goals in “Goal funnel”. Check your “Use funnel box to enter each URL that responds to visitor’s step for purchasing.

Low-performing pages

Check the content menu and the list of top exit pages. This will tell you how many visitors are arriving and exiting from a certain page.

It’s a common thing for blogs as people come for a specific piece of information. When people don’t find what they need they will leave the site. At this time, you need to evaluate site content meeting user needs and search queries. Their needs should be satisfied with a call to action to get them to the targeted area before leaving your site.

Try Google web analytics, to explore more great things for your site.

7 Best Things you can explore with Google web analytics
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