4 Lessons From Lord Ganesha – The Best Teacher


Lord Ganesh is said to be the source of success for anyone who wishes for it. We pray to him before starting any task. Lord Ganesha has a lot to offer to the entrepreneurial ecosystem than you and I can think of. Retrospecting into the legendary life of an epic being, we can learn a lot from him. What are they you ask? Let’s find out.

1)    Lateral Thinking: 

When his brother Karthik and he had a quarrel, they decided to race around the world to see who is the fastest and the best(thereby to win the title of being the god who removes obstacles), Ganesha applied lateral thinking. While his brother zoomed off the conventional way of using a vehicle, he applied lateral thinking and walked circles around his parents saying that they are his world.

While entrepreneurs always try out what’s right in front of them, thinking out of the box proves to be a lot helpful to speed across the ladder of success.

2)    Mushika:

While Ganesha is one of the most powerful gods there is to reckon with, he has the ability and the power in him to make anything of his vehicle and yet he choose it to be a small scrawny rat as his vehicle.

This teaches us never to stop being humble and to be frugal and not to waste a lot on luxuries. While many of today’s entrepreneurs tend to waste the funding money or their own investments in making a big fancy office space and decorating it, what really matters is the product and team which is building it. If that’s great, everything else will follow.

3) Read:

Ganesha is a voracious reader. He never leaves an opportunity to eat and read. Reading is never a bad habit. It is a way to keep you aloof of whatever is going on around you and keeps you company throughout. It places you in a knowledgeable state of knowing stuff. To be well informed is never a bane but always a boon.

 4) Big Ears:

Ganesha’s ears are big and are said to be picking up the slightest of the sounds around the universe. This signifies how open a person must be to new thoughts. An entrepreneur must be ambiguous about his/her take and perspective on any situation. Analyse and listen to every situation and act accordingly.

With all this laid out, we all wish you a very Happy Ganesh Chathurthi and Happy Teachers Day

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