Flipkart sends me wrong product and denies refund


Flipkart sends me wrong product and the seller denies me refund

Flipkart surprises me right before their biggest sale on Diwali. I ordered Tupperware Aquasafe water bottles, 8 in number on 21st September. I received 4 bottles on 25th September in a brown box that has no proper packing or an invoice. The delivery agent of eKart gave it to my servant and did not wait for anyone to sign the package. Order number is OD507132921674040000.

Below are the pictures of the delivered package.

Genuine method to return product and get a refund from Flipkart

When I tried to do a refund as soon as I received the package on 25th September around 11am through the app; I was denied a refund. I tried to do a refund again and gave a valid reason. Stated that the number of bottles received was less and I doubt the quality. The second request was also denied. Since it’s a Sunday and I promised my wife that I will not touch my biggest weapon of justice (my laptop) I am posting this article today.

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Action against Flipkart

At 6:40pm I called up customer care and told them that I am the editor of IndianCEO magazine and asked to speak to their team lead about a refund. Immediately I was transferred to a senior customer care executive. I cannot disclose his name but it took him 16 minutes (Check the below image for proof of call)of my time and my designation as Editor in Chief of a newspaper to process the request finally. Today morning I got a message that my package will be picked up and refund will be processed.

Please find below image of communication I received from Flipkart through sms and app.

Culprit of this situation

There are two entities that are responsible of this situation.

  • Flipkart – they should monitor their partner network so that such incidents do not occur.
  • eKart- They have done it again. Last week Healthkart sends a stone to their customer. eKart was their courier partner. This time they flicked 8 Tupperware bottles and send 4 fake Tupperware bottles.

In the past 6 months I have returned many products because of quality reasons.

Final review

Flipkart is busy buying companies to increase their customer base, but they are neglecting their existing processes. In this process they are losing existing customers like me with their bad partner network. Cost of acquiring a new customer is larger than retaining existing customers. Just because an existing customer like me is cheaper to acquire does not mean that they can send me cheap products. I am moving to Amazon now!

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Update – Response from Flipkart via Twitter.

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