Breaking News- TechCrunch gets a taste of Hacker OurMine


Our Mine hacks TechCrunch Website

OurMine uses TechCrunch as a marketing tool.Below is how TechCrunch website looked 40 minutes back.

The hacker decides to take on media now. Their latest prey is TechCrunch Media.

Below are more screen shots of the hack. The hack was published also in TechCrunch’s Facebook, but now it has been removed. Not sure how many of 2 Million followers of TechCrunch have seen this hack. OurMine based on the below screen shows that they are only checking TechCrunch’s security and they did not tamper with any passwords.

OurMine recent Hack screenshot

The hacker is on a rise and marketing his services through hacking technology entrepreneurs and now by hacking the media that is making them popular.

They also hacked Google CEO, Sundar Pichai’s Account

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