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Go Going Gone Arnab Goswami quits Times Now

Arnab Goswami, India’s most viewed television anchor, has decided to quit his post as the president of the news channel, Times Now. This move has raised speculations in the media as well as among Indian citizens, that he might either start his own news channel or join Fox news. Read more on resignations

About Arnab Goswami

Arnab Goswami started his career at The Telegraph in Kolkata. Within a year, which is in 1995, he joined NDTV and became a prominent television anchor along with Vikram Chandra and Rajdeep Sardesai. He later joined Times Now as its Editor-in-Chief in 2006. Powered by his high – volume speeches during NewsHour on primetime, Times Now has been able to sideline a lot of the older players in the English news space. This success had led to Arnab Goswami being promoted as the president of Times Now and ET Now.

The reason for quitting

The main reason for Arnab Goswami quitting TimesNow was his growing differences over a host of issues with the Jains of Bennett Coleman Group. A group that owns the country’s highest circulated daily, The Times of India. On one occasion, the discussion was about Pakistani actors acting in Indian Bollywood movies. Arnab Goswami told one of the studio’s guests that he has his own nationalist position and will act according to his own diktat and not that of others. The statement differed from the one tweeted by one of the topmost owners of the Bennett Coleman Group, triggering instant speculation in the media circles, that certain friction existed between the Jains and Arnab Goswami. Added to this was the growing resentment between him and a host of political parties, including the Congress whose leaders often complained to the Jains that Arnab Goswami, in recent times, was unnecessarily showcasing a peculiar right-wing inclination. The politicians even claim that the move was a stepping stone for the anchor, contemplating a big jump. But the Jains, for whom only TRP and money mattered, refused to ‘tame the roaring tiger’, who was Arnab Goswami. The next contributing factor was his keenness to have a stake in the channel, or some share in the profits of Times Now, which the Jains refused. Last but certainly not the least, Arnab Goswami in private discussions, for almost a year, has told his backers about his keenness to turn an entrepreneur and start his own news channel, with a focus on South Asia and a global footprint for the Indian diaspora that is the world’s largest at sixteen million. Arnab Goswami also repeated several times in his hour – long farewell speech in TimesNow that ‘the game had just begun’.

Consequences for TimesNow

Energy has always been the trade mark of Arnab Goswami. His energetic and partly opinionated speeches are what enabled TimesNow to sideline older, more established English news channels. His energy and opinions have brought both him and TimesNow both good and bad reputation. Arnab Goswami has his own group of loyalists and admirers who like his outright criticisms of politicians, political parties and anti – national elements. They like his courage and his straight forward approach. There are also people who hate Arnab Goswami to the core. They hate his loud voice, he uses while discussing, saying it causes lot of unnecessary disruptions and mayhem. They have also criticized him for not organizing News Hour on TimesNow properly. They say too many people speak at full volume simultaneously and ultimately no one understands anything. Last but not the least; he has been criticized by political parties for his unnecessary right – wing inclination.

Our take

Though Arnab Goswami has brought even negative popularity to TimesNow, there’s no denying the fact that TimesNow became popular owing to Arnab Goswami. It has been able to sideline older English news channels and has eighty percent market share among the viewers of news channels. The TRP and income of TimesNow increased multifold thanks to him. Before he joined, TimesNow was not to be heard of and it will have to work really hard to find a suitable replacement for the talented, courageous, outspoken and knowledgeable TV anchor, Arnab Goswami. Read more on Startup News

Go Going Gone Arnab Goswami quits Times Now
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