Amazon vs Flipkart. Who is winning?

amazon vs flikart
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Indian eCommerce has now reached a stage where VC funding is tough and deep discounts are out.
It is clearly evident that only few will survive and rest have to shutdown or scale down.
In the race to be No 1, both Flipkart and Amazon are fighting each other out.
Our Team did some research on publicly available data to see who is winning.

Traffic comparison 
amazon vs flikart
Amazon with 208M traffic has almost double the traffic and more engagement in comparison with flipkart(115.90) and in the last six months flipkart’s growth is stagnant in terms of traffic, while amazon consistently increased.

Amazon is a clear winner in the current scenario.
You might think that Flipkart has Myntra and Jabong? We calculated total traffic put together. Here goes the analysis.

Myntra = 13.2M
Jabong = 28.8M

Total = 42M


Traffic trend is also reflecting in the sales data. As per available data, Amazon sold more goods on their platform, compared to Flipkart, for 2nd straight month.

For the month of August, Flipkart did revenues of Rs 2100 crore, which is lower than Amazon’s revenue for the same period. In July as well, Flipkart sold less products compared to Amazon.

Flipkart reduced some costs by laying off some employees in the last quarter and are rumored to fire few more after festival season. With the current data available company would be needing money next year and unless they beat Amazon, valuation is going to be a tough task.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Annonymous

    September 14, 2016 at 6:51 pm

    Looks like a completely biased article towards Amazon. Let me add something that you missed
    1) Flipkart App installs (>50M) are higher than Amazon(<50M)
    2) Flipkart and Amazon burn were almost same in the last year, even when Amazon had less sales and traffic
    3) Amazon is spending heavily on advertisements

    The company that can sustain longer and is profitable wins. Only traffic & GMV can not be seen as metric for winning

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