VBookmarks- Bookmark your links in a new way

Hobby project turned to an Useful one called VBookmarks

VBookmarks, started as a hobby project is a social bookmarking site providing an easy way to bookmark favourite websites and also get website recommendations from like-minded people.

To Go Far, Walk Together as a Team

Initially, Raghupathi (24) the CEO, developed MVP of and then teamed up with Raja Mohammed (24), the SEO for a better development. Later Prasanth (24) Developer, Priya (24) UX Designer, Anand (23) QA Specialist and Krishna Moorthy (24) UI Designer joined as a team.

Team VBookmarks

Half the way to Reach the stars

Raghupathi being one among the most viewed writers in Quora’s social bookmarking topic, started grabbing people from there. Within two months post the beta version release , they have reached moon with 500+ Active Users, 3000+ Bookmarked Links and 1500+ Liked links.

Crowd Sourced Bookmarked Links with crowd sourced content is special in the market. Collaborative contribution brings the VBookmarks as the bookmarking hub.

Easy to Use and Understand

VBookmarks provides bookmark recommendations from crowd sourced content. Users can bookmark their favourite link in Public (everyone can view the bookmarked link) and Private (owner of that bookmark only can view the link) visibility and can appreciate too by clicking on “Like” button. By simply following any topic, users can get in touch with the trending online resources.

The Idea awakened from College

Raghupathi got attracted to his classmate Sooriya’s words on how a technology should be and came up with the idea. During his final days of college, Raghupathi faced a lot of difficulties in accessing website links on a repeated mode and thus surfed to find a solution but was not satisfied with the available options. He then developed a collaborative platform to bookmark.

The Future Endeavours of VBookmarks

Their future plans are

  • To enhance bookmarks recommendation system on user’s interest.
  • To personalized bookmarked topics.
  • Recommend top bookmarks based on GEO location.
  • One click bookmarking tool from various browser plug-ins.

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