Why do users stop using the your E-commerce Apps?

Online shopping is getting bigger than ever. Every small business is coming online and this has given the ecommerce app development a push. The demand for mobile apps is increasing, as it has become the easiest and the most hassle free way of doing business online. Have you planned to take your business online and get an app too? Well, just keep in mind that customers these days are much smarter than you can even think of.

By 2020, revenue generated through eCommerce mobile apps is expected to be 189 billion US dollars. In fact by 2021 approximately 352.9 billion apps are expected to be downloaded by the users. 

This clearly shows that the app market is going to boom in the coming future

In 2016, 1.61 billion people across the globe purchased goods online and the global retails sales amounted to 1.9 trillion US dollars, this is expected to grow up to 4.06 trillion US dollar by 2020.

Nevertheless, along with focusing on what to do, you must keep a close eye on what you should not do. Despite many apps being developed each year, there is also a drop in the usage of apps. Users will delete the apps soon or stop using them for some reasons. These reasons have to be your focus that you need to avoid. If you do not want to drive, your users away from your mobile app then avoid these things.

Increased Shipping Rates

People prefer online shopping because they do not need to go shopping from one store to the other, they do not need to sacrifice their office or other work for this. This can be done sitting at home or office while doing any of your work. In addition, it gives you a wide variety of options to choose from and getting the products delivered to your doorstep. However, what is the point of shopping from eCommerce mobile app solution when you have to pay a higher shipping price? Your shopping is cheaper but the shipping that is charged is very high, hence customers will leave the checkout page without completing the purchase. This will lead them to another e-commerce site where shipping is either free or very less. So if you do not want to drive your users/customers away, keep a close check on the shipping rates.

Lesser Payment Options

Every customer is different so is their choice of making payments online. Not necessary your customers want to use only payment option through Debit. Some would want to make a payment through PayPal or Credit Card, or Wallet or some other online payment. If you do not give enough choices to your users, you will tend to lose them. Users want options so that they can see which payment gateway is best for them. Not everyone will be comfortable to share information with all payment gateways. Hence, you must have at least the popular ones enable while you are getting your eCommerce app developed.

No Offers or Add-On

When we go shopping online first thing, we do is look for offers or add-on. Where a user will get maximum benefit from shopping they will be attracted and you can be sure they will complete their shopping from that app only. So if you do not have any offers or any extra to offer to your customers then they will slowly start losing their interests and find apps that have more offers.

Lengthy User Registration

If in the beginning itself you ask too much information, they will get suspicious. They will not be comfortable to fill a table that requires a lot of information. Keep the registration process simple and easy. Just with the name and email address allow them to register and login to start using the app.

Slow Speed

If your app keeps hanging when the users are going from one page to the other or from one category to the other, then the interest of the users will be gone. No one has the patience to see the page buffer and reload for him or her to use. They will immediately log out and delete the app. Make sure to test your app before you launch it. This will save you from extra work in the later stage.


While launching your app, make sure you do not give a reason to your users to delete it or to go to your competitor’s app. Your eCommerce mobile app solution should be the best for your users and should have features that will engage them while there are in the app.

Why do users stop using the your E-commerce Apps?
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