Online education startup Springboard raises funds

Springboard is an online education startup based in Bengaluru. The startup provides online courses for students and working professionals. The startup announced yesterday (18/12/2017) that it has raised US $9.5 million in Series A round of funding from Costanoa Ventures. Other VC firms like Learn Capital and Appdynamics and the startup’s existing investors like Blue Fog Capital, Rocketship.vc and Moneta Ventures also participated in that round of funding. Read more on Edutech Startups

Apart from Bengaluru, Springboard also has offices in California, USA. It offers courses like Building Construction, Business and Entrepreneurship, Financial Services, Hospitality, Food and Beverage, Information and Communication Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, Marketing, Languages and Communication among others in its mobile app as well as website. The startup will use the funds to upgrade its technology platforms (mobile app and website), offer more courses in its technology platforms and expand its footprint throughout India. The startup also offers a money back offer for courses meant for getting a job in case students don’t find a suitable job within three months after completing the startup’s online course.

Springboard’s training model involves connecting each student with an industry mentor who provides frequent feedback and career advice. Springboard claims that its students have been recruited by companies like Google Inc., Visa Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Capital One Financial Corp. and The Nielsen Corp. The startup has trained over 7000 students till date and has its alumni in nearly 80 countries. The startup employs over 350 professional mentors on its technology platforms (mobile app and website) from companies like Amazon, Airbnb Inc., Uber Technologies Inc., etcetera.

“Millennials are likely to have 15 jobs with four to five career changes through their working lives. But options to make those life-changing shifts either involve leaving your job to go to graduate school or relying on online classes with no support. Springboard allows the convenience of learning online, but with a robust project-based curriculum and human support”, Gautam Tambay, CEO of Springboard said.

“If you look at any great institution, whether it is Harvard, Stanford or IITs closer to home, their brand is built on the successes and contributions of their alumni. We expect it to be no different at Springboard. Our alumni work at great companies and come back to mentor or hire graduates of our programs”, Parul Gupta, co-founder of Springboard said.

The other edutech startups to get funded this year (2017) include the edutech startup, Myly, which secured an undisclosed amount of funds (loan) from SIDBI during April, this year. The edutech startup, VoLT, secured an undisclosed amount of seed funding from YMS Mobitech during November 2016. The edutech startup, Qonfuse.com, secured an undisclosed amount of seed funding from CureInstant founder, Hamraj Kumar during June 2016. The edutech startup, XSEED, secured Singapore $ 10 million (INR 67.5 crores) from Verlinvest during December 2016 just to name a few. Read more on Startup News

Online education startup Springboard raises funds
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