Edutech startup SchoolConnects plans expansion

Parents in India especially, worry a lot about their children’s education. Sometimes even before the child is born (when the wife is pregnant)! They worry about which school to admit them in, what syllabus should they study, how many seats are available etcetera. When it’s time for their child to go to school, parents often spend days together, going from school to school and fill up application forms. Most of the time they return home, disappointed because either the seats were filled up or the fees is too high and they have to start all over again the next day. I’m glad to inform all you parents out there that those days are over! The edutech startup called SchoolConnects gives you all the information about schools you’ll need to admit your child in a good school. It has also recently launched its mobile app, from which you can apply to multiple schools by filling a single form and submitting it in the mobile app! Read more on Mobile Apps

“There is always some anxiety about when application forms will be available for various schools as there is no reliable source of information”, said Rajesh Sanghvi, co-founder of was launched in November 2014 and offers researched and valid information on admission timelines and processes and the selection criteria in over 1,800 schools across nine major cities in India. “We have a dedicated team who reaches out to schools to get the most recent status and provide consolidated views on admission calendar and the number of seats”, says Umesh Jain, founder of Parents can register on the mobile app to get alerts for admission events of schools of interest.  The mobile app provides real-time structured discussion through focused chat groups categorized by areas and schools. has partnered with uniform, stationery and learning toys providers. SchoolConnects plans to expand to top 25 cities in India. It will provide data on play schools, provide information on events, tuition, courses and eventually enable additional school services such as payment of fees through the mobile app! It is also negotiating with more schools for the common application form. “Schools can save money on printing forms, brochures, keeping clerks for collection and compilation of forms. Parents can also save their time otherwise spent waiting in queues outside schools”, said Rajesh Sanghvi.

The startup was founded on the basis of a truly brilliant idea. Parents in India especially, worry a lot about their children’s education, sometimes even before the child is born! That is because India is a populous country with more children than schools! Parents need to enquire about schools and fill up application forms beforehand to secure admission in a good school for their child. This process is very tedious for parents, given their busy work schedules. Most of the times, parents who stand in serpentine queues for school admissions return home disappointed, either because the seats have been filled or because the fees is too high. Swallowing that disappointment, they needed to start afresh the next day. But now thanks to this app, parents can fill out the common application form within a few minutes at home. They can get information on and apply for schools without roaming around a lot. They can also get uniforms, stationary and learning toys for their children without negotiating with too many shopkeepers. This app has made and will make the life of many parents easier. It will reduce their burden and workload by a lot. Some parents may even sponsor this Company in the future. Overall, it is startup founded on a truly brilliant idea and needs to be promoted by the government of India. Hats off to the founder, Umesh Jain and co – founder Rajesh Sanghvi for their truly brilliant and ‘need of the hour idea’. Read more on Startup News

Edutech startup SchoolConnects plans expansion
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