Mobile Application Development – The Key to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is at its peak, seamless technologies coming in are changing the face of marketing, selling and advertising. Adapting to the trends is hence vital, to keep moving ahead, for enhancing customer service and reaching the pinnacle of success. One of the major catalyst to nourish your brand now is mobile application development, that will take a brand to the next level.

We will begin with explaining you, why does your brand require a mobile application?

Mobile applications have turned out to be a prominent business tool marketers cannot do without. Your presence on the web is not enough to engage customers to your business! Smartphones today tend to offer convenience at a customers fingertips, hence the developments today lay great emphasis on mobile application development, for any business or brand.

Mobile and Web apps help you:

  • Improve communication with the customers
  • Provide convenience to win hearts
  • Increase the platforms of availability & visibility for your business
  • Build reputation with a credible User Interface & User Experience

Now along with the importance, here are digital transformations, your brand needs to follow in order to have technologically advanced mobile applications.

Progressive Web Application:
A progressive web application is a website that looks and behaves like an application. They are rightfully deployed to servers, can be accessed through URLs and are indexed by search engines. PWAs aren’t just apps in disguise, they provide a ton of benefits as compared to native apps. They are here to provide the best of both worlds: Applications and Websites. Using them completely eliminates the cost of installing applications or paying for usage, also no buffering, keeps a customer hooked on to the site and enhances usage and retention. A good PWA is your way to earn a spot on the users homescreen. So instead of a native app, you can think of developing a PWA, its worthwhile!

Accelerated Mobile Pages:
A year down since Google began the AMP project. Along with that also comes a separate search index for the mobile web. Google AMP backed web apps will load quickly on mobile handsets. So this leads to improved visibility and more number of users. Hence, this advancement will be at the top of the list of mobile app development trends to reach a large no. of users. Considering it as a part of your mobile application development will certainly work in your stride.

Internet of Things:
By the end of 2020, there will be several devices connected to each other digitally, following our commands. The list includes, LED light bulbs, home appliances, power sockets, sports equipments, cars etc. Now applications on our smartphones will act as the remote control for this, analyzing data, communicating etc. Several establishes companies with the Internet of Things solutions are adding Internet of Things capabilities to their offerings, to reach out to a wider audience and be heard.

Innovative UI/UX design:
Intuitive designs and interactive interfaces can be an important feature to get a user hooked onto an application. Effective and creative display of stats and content leads to good user experience. Apps should exploit developments with unique features such as circular design patterns, interactive content layers and manipulation of content. Incorporation of these features permits the users to interact with the content in detail, leading to greater curiosity and engagement. The present leading apps have set a benchmark for User Interface designs and User Experience, and it has hence become vital for newer companies to master new innovative options available in the market to give their 100% to exceed customer expectations.

With the importance of mobile application development and the innovations in this sector that digital transformations have brought about, brands need to know what steps need to be taken. They also need to understand in which way an application needs to be developed, to meet the set trends.

Article contributed by  PostBox Communications is a leading advertising agency located in Mumbai. With immense knowledge and experience, we are well-known and appreciated for the work we’ve done and the clients we’ve assisted for successful mobile application development.

Mobile Application Development – The Key to Digital Transformation
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