Confirmtkt uses machine learning to confirm ticket anywhere in India

  • Confirmtkt works to remove uncertainty from travel, uses machine learning to predict waitlisted train ticket confirmation and suggest alternative travel options

Bangalore,18  July, 2018: For the hundreds of thousands of travellers that are the end-consumers of the USD 4 billion passenger railway travel industry in India, getting a waitlisted train ticket is the beginning of crippling uncertainty and guesswork. Confirmtkt, the Bangalore-based online train ticket discovery and booking engine is changing that to ensure that any customer who logs on to the platform even at the last minute leaves with a ‘confirmed ticket’. The company accomplishes this through an advanced data and machine learning system that can predict confirmations for waitlisted trains with 94% accuracy, and suggests alternate travel routes or trains, in case tickets on direct trains are not available.

Confirmtkt uses advanced graph-based algorithms and utilizes multiple quotas available for trains to give its users a better chance of getting a ticket even for last-minute bookings. In addition to using its predictive systems and alternate route-finding capacity, the online platform also facilitates real-time train tracking, even in the offline mode (without internet) using the information gathered from mobile towers on the train route and customer generated information. The platform also distinguishes itself by allowing users to book tickets directly as opposed to pushing them to do so on the IRCTC website. These features have made the platform a runaway success

Sripad Vaidya, Co founder of Confirmtkt, said, “Confirmtkt was founded by regular railway travellers who were acutely aware of the pain points that exist in booking travel by train today, and the company has evolved smart ways to make it easier and better for customers. This is why we have been so successful in gaining such a large traction. Regular train travellers will recognise the waitlist uncertainty as one of the most annoying outcomes of booking a train ticket, as it leaves you completely at the mercy of chance. We have solved that problem using technology which makes sure that we get the customer to where they want to go, easily and conveniently.”

Confirmtkt already serves about 3 million travellers monthly, receives around 2000 bookings daily and expects to make it 5 times and reach 10000 bookings daily by the end of this year. The platform intends to become a one-stop multimodal travel search engine and bookings provider which can suggest the best travel options across different modes of transport, and enables single-point payment for the entire journey. The company’s idea is to inculcate a sense of confidence in their user that they can get a confirmed ticket to travel always even during the last minute.

Confirmtkt has won several awards and accolades like mBillionth award for Travel & Culture award in 2017, Manthan award in 2016 and selected as most innovative startup by Nasscom 10k startups at NPC, 2016.

Confirmtkt uses machine learning to confirm ticket anywhere in India
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