Chatbots – A needed communication channel for Startups to engage with customer

Today’s customer expectation are high towards the services and products provided by business entities. Managing proper customer interactions and providing a rich customer experience is now a norm rather than an differentiating factor. Ability to provide context based services 24 X 7 depending upon the need of customer will help the business to have a long standing relationship with them. To cater the ever growing expectation of customer, Industry try to match it with the help of Technology.

In the last decade, having a web presence was mandatory. Then it has morphed into Mobile apps and responsive sites. The customer experience management were used to be driven by Human (Customer agents). The products and services provided by Industries and startups started to have multiple versions and features that are unique to some customers. Having an consistent training and proper guidance to all Human customer agents became problematic. Some of the solutions required by customer needs multiple parties to work together in a collaborative manner to solve it. Customer does not want to have multiple connect points. The single point of contact for the customer has to ensure the different connection points and service provider for the problem.
In the recent past, Technology has matured in the area of Natural Language processing(NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning and Machine Learning (ML). These advancements have paved way for a richer , context based human machine interface to happen.

Interactions between AI , NLP and DL for Chatbots

Chatbots, are systems that can conduct an meaningful conversation with Humans to understand the need and connect the right stakeholders to satisfy the request. Each bot are supposed to pass the turing test to ensure it understands the Human conversation context.
There are multiple flavors of Chatbots that are available in market through frameworks. The leading players are ChatFuel, Microsoft Bot framework,, (Dialogflow).
Chatbots are now mandatory for business to interact with customers. Chatbots allows business to help connect with customer in natural conversation way. The ability to understand and annotate the intent, context, fulfillment of the request is the key to have a meaningful conversation between the consumer and bots. The consumer connect through different sources like the chat window in the site or mobile app or through messaging channels like facebook, Hangout or through integration channels like Slack, Twilio or Google assistant.

Fulfillment Loop of Chatbots

Chatbots like Google’s DialogFlow allows easy integration with multiple communication channels. The ability to connect with external and 3rd party REST Api , allows the easy fulfillment of the request. With DialogFlow the bot can also integrate and exchange information with other bots for proper fulfillment of human request.

Google DialogFlow

We expect Chatbots to be the part of all startup business to engage with the customers.

Chatbots – A needed communication channel for Startups to engage with customer
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