Trupik disrupting fashion technology with virtual trial rooms for offline and online stores

Trupik is a fashion technology company based in Hyderabad that has been revolutionizing online apparel shopping through in-store trial room and 3D driven experience. Trupik Connect is the unique mobile application where the customer can get to virtually drape clothes on 3D replica of himself on his mobile through feeding the specifications and literally experience how the garment looks on him. This is the closest to being real experience sitting where you are and choosing your favourite garment from your favourite brand at the nearest store.

Trupik Connect offers garments of various brands that include Allen Solly, Wills Lifestyle, Indian Terrain, People, Van Heusen, Peter England, Laven and many more. Trupik has launched TRUPIK Kiosks in select apparel brand stores in Hyderabad. The kiosks will have high-end 3D cameras to scan customers and provide them virtual trial room experience upon downloading TRUPIK CONNECT application.

Trupik has graduated its technological innovation to the next level with virtual personalized assistance concept. Being offered for the first time anywhere in the world, Trupik has branded the personal assistance technology as SoFia, which stands as an acronym for “So Fashion I am”.

SoFia has the ability of searching across all the stores in a city to give consumers choice of price, selection of clothes along with fitting information like, (a) whether a garment fits a consumer or not (b) how it fits (c) how the garment drapes on the consumer body and (d) a complete virtual trial room. Consumers can easily search across all the stores in the city to find the best fitting clothes through their smart phones at lowest prices and the garments will be delivered for free try and buy within 60 minutes from the local branded stores with no obligation to buy. Consumers will also be provided an option to scan their body to create a personalized digital avatar, either at their home or in the partnering brand stores for the creation of a personalized trial room on their smart phones.

Initial Challenges

For the founders, the challenge lay in the fact that there are millions of garments that are sold in the market and these garments become obsolete as the season passes by. For them the trick is to create a solution that enables creation of virtual garments for display in a reliable, efficient and at low cost for consumers to try virtually on their smart phones. Trupik has created “Virtual Manufacturing Plant” that enables creation of virtual garments at affordable rate and at high turn around speed.

Idea behind the project

Advent of 3-D cameras by Microsoft has been the key moment for the founders to realize the use of 3-D technology for fashion industry, an industry which has always seen a dire need for technology. Trupik has integrated 3-D technology to enable consumers buy with confidence an online product by knowing the fit information for their specific bodies. Eureka moment for the founders was when they observed a consistent 10% conversion rates from the customers who enter Trupik fashion platform on mobile phones.

The core team of Trupik

All three co-founders shared the common idea of using 3-D technology for fashion, given the need in the market and driven by the unified ambition to create a value providing technology to the end-consumer to have significant impact on their lifestyles.

Dr. Sridhar Tirumala (age 44): Co-founder and CEO. He graduated from IIT-M. He holds Masters and Ph.D degrees from Virginia Tech. He is known for conceptualizing various technologies and bringing them into market, specifically in smart phones arena. He is known for his product “LeSa”, which reduced the power consumption of smartphones significantly.


VikranthKatpally (age 42): Co-founder and CTO. He graduated from IIT-M, and is a highly seasoned software programmer. He is known for being one of the first few developers for swipe technology on smart phones.

AravindInumpudi (Age 40): Co-founder and COO: He graduated from IIT-B. He is optimization Guru and is known for his high responsibility position in Synopsys (California) to manage $300M dollar revenue generating products.

Shivani Pulimamidi (Age 36): CMO. She graduated from Rutgers University with major in International Relations and Political Science and a degree in Special Education from San Jose State University. She is known for conceptualizing and crystallizing new concepts into the market. Her claim to fame is achieved from a $25M concept of inclusive education in Palo Alto, California School district.

Revenue, traction and growth

All electronic market places offer only price and image of the garments. This information is not sufficient for the consumer to make the purchase decision. Trupik provides all the necessary information, like fit and trial room that enables the consumers make a “True Pick” to satisfy their fashion needs.

Compared to typical e-commerce fashion market place, Trupik sales are 150% more and this is possible by providing personalized fit information, a key value proposition for the consumers. Trupik has a conversion rate of close to 10% with 26% retention rates with a continuous increase in influx of consumers.

USP and Revenue Model

As far as their competitors are concerned, they stick the image of the garment on the image of the consumers. Typically, these solutions are referred to as magic mirror solutions. These solutions do not solve the primary problem of the consumer -“Does the garment fit me? If so, how do I look in those garments?” Trupik’s fundamental approach to the problem is different. It recreates the consumer’s body in all three dimensions, which allows to drape the garment on consumer’s body virtually on the smart phone and be able to show consumers how they look with high fidelity.

Trupik has revenue share model with their brand partners. Trupik is funded by “Kommareddy Group of Investors” from LA, with an amount of $1.25M.

Modus Operandi

 “Trupik Connect” is a free app available for consumers on Google Playstore and Apple App store. Upon downloading the app, consumers will be asked for their few simple body dimensions that allow consumers to create their digital avatar. Consumers will interact with “SoFia”, personal fashion assistant technology. SoFia collects consumer’s body information and searches instantly across the city in different stores for different clothes based on consumer’s fashion choices and best offers. Consumers can see the garments of their choice and instantly see “how the garments fit and look on them”. Upon adding to the cart, garments will be delivered in less than an hour. Consumers will pay only if they decide to keep the garment. If consumers do not like the garments or service, they can instantly return at no charge.

Future plans

Trupik creates fashion technology that enables consumers visualize virtually any fashion product on their bodies. The team is extending their offering from apparels to jewelry to accessories to shoes to cosmetics. Any fashion related item that lies within 5mm of human body, Trupik will enable consumers visualize on their smart phones before buying the product. Trupik is also getting ready to geographically extend its footprint to different parts of the country and the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Read more about Indian Startups.


Trupik disrupting fashion technology with virtual trial rooms for offline and online stores
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