Servurance gives premium Deep Cleaning Services to Homes and Offices in Delhi/NCR. Servurance uses world class hardware and cleaning specialists to clean and sterilize your home. Their staff is well rounded, prepared and confirmed to guarantee your wellbeing and an extraordinary cleaning knowledge.
Team offers various economical packages and likewise claim to fame cleaning services like steam cleaning, couch and sleeping cushion cleaning, sanitation, exterior cleaning, floor covering cleaning and so forth.

Team’s approach is to work from bottom of the pyramid while understanding category specific nuances and work with brands, vendors and handymen’s comprehensively to improve the quality of deliverables. For brands/vendors through their inhouse CRM and API’s team which tries to provide a direct customer connect for any service/resell requests.


When asked about the idea behind the start up, Shubham Kumar (Founder) said “Personally looking my wife struggling with tons of maintenance issues with household devices and appliances and micromanaging each of the use cases through a different toll-free number or customer service support was very painful. The overall time and energy involved was a sheer waste and even after getting through those most of the issues remained unresolved or she would give up after a marathon chase.  Solving this inherently with one platform for all categories and with built in support for proactive maintenance felt inevitable.”  This led to the making of Servurance.


It took days, weeks and months for the team to critically evaluate multiple pain areas from an end consumer standpoint. According to the team what they are building solves the core problem from bottom to top.

Other cofounders had worked with Shubham Kumar in the past and all of them have a passion to solve problems which could have a substantial social impact while creating a great business around it. Team has been out in the market reaching and working with potential customers, vendors, and brands.

Background of the core team

Vaibhav Prakash (Co Founder)

He is young and dynamic marketing professional. He did B tech from IIT Dhanbad and is 24 years old. He has also worked with Ola.

Gaurav Kumar (Co Founder)

He is a passionate Engineer with experience in designing, and solving complex engineering problems. He is 27 years old and has worked with Make My Trip.

Rajnesh Kumar (Co Founder)

Techie by heart Rajnesh loves to build domain specific solutions with easy to use interfaces. He is 29 years old and has worked with HCL.

Shubham Kumar (Founder)

He is a seasoned leader in building products across various domains from Telecom to FinTech to Travel and Tourism, Marketplaces. He is 35 years old, and has worked with Make My Trip. He is a co founder of Gobazaar.


For the team it is the customer’s experience being the only metric to track this and solving problems from a bottom up approach while using technology to build the required products from scratch is the main focus and differentiator, and this is what that sets them apart from others.

Funding and modus operandi

Start up is currently bootstrapped and has started to raise funds.

Customers can upload any of their products with required details on the platform through the app. Once uploaded one can request any on demand request or resell etc on a tap. Team manages the overall fulfilment through their in-house platform that caters use.


The start-up is looking forward to expand in all metro cities in the next 6 months and to gain fast growth in coming years.

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