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Quadio Labs is aiming to provide the best hearing solutions for a better life

The reason and inspiration for starting Quadio Labs

The inspiration to start Quadio Labs was one founder’s deep desire to lead a life unhindered by his hearing loss and to help other hearing impaired people improve their quality of life. Quadio was established in Pune with a vision to deliver innovative hearing solutions – to anyone, anytime, anywhere – that empower people to hear what they want, how they want and when they want.

Hearing loss is the second largest disability in the country that affects more than 120 million lives with majority sufferers over the age of 60. There are less than 2000 practicing audiologists in India and therefore most people have never actually received treatment until their hearing has degraded severely with age. Untreated hearing loss can negatively affect the quality of life for older persons by preventing them from engaging with other, thereby leading to social isolation, and limiting their ability to work. Beyond those adverse effects hearing loss has also been associated with depression, dementia, cognitive decline, physical injuries, Alzheimer’s diseases and even mortality.

Pioneering telemedicine in India

Since its inception, Quadio has been at the forefront of innovation and used technology to increase the penetration of hearing aids and hearing solutions across the globe that are affordable, accessible and innovative. With the on boarding of Neeraj Dotel as the CEO of Quadio Labs, Quadio has pivoted from just a hearing health care company to becoming a pioneer in the hearing health tech space. With the use of mobile technology and internet Quadio connects its highly qualified pool of audiologist to the last mile point of care, thereby pushing the boundaries of telemedicine and hearing care. An example of this would be how Quadio combines electronics communications technology with conventional audiology to create an ingenious solution called Net Dispensing. It is a comprehensive net audiology solution that begins with diagnostics (Net Audiometry) and completes with hearing aid fitting (Remote Fitting). All audiometry functions – hearing health evaluation, counselling, hearing management and hearing aid fitting – are performed seamlessly over the internet.

Extending the boundaries of health tech

In May 2016, Quadio unveiled India’s first hearing app, the Q+ hearing app. Q+ is a mobile-based hearing solution that provides individuals with a customized hearing enhancement experience. With inbuilt hearing tests, adaptive sound processing and controllable listening experiences, the advanced and futuristic Q+ app is a sophisticated and affordable next-generation hearing solution. The app is intuitive, affordable, easily available on smartphones, and provides multiple listening settings for different sound environments (quiet and noisy).

The Quadio team

Quadio was founded by two IIT graduates – Paresh Patel from IIT Kanpur and Anurag Sharma, a silver medallist from IIT Bombay. Paresh has a master’s degree from Cornell University and is the former MD of Fluent India. Anurag is the founder and former CEO of Tetrahedrix Engineering and currently CTO for Quadio Devices Pvt Ltd. Neeraj joined the team in 2016 because he saw the potential to massively scale this company into India’s largest hearing health care provider by disrupting existing health care industry models. His focus is not just on providing accessible and affordable hearing care to the people who need it, but also to create richer hearing experiences for the common man. Neeraj joined Quadio in the capacity of their CEO after a decade long association with Microsoft India in their sales leadership team besides serving as Managing Director-India and SAARC for Compuware Corporation.

Article by Neeraj Dotel, CEO, Quadio Labs


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