Wide range of home solutions catering to your taste by

Headquartered in Bangalore, is an omni-channel start up offering global home solutions in the furniture category that is aligned to the new Indian urban lifestyle. Living spaces have changed and their modular solutions embody the interests, needs and demands of the new Indian consumer. The products inspire and motivate people to create homes that are in sync with their global aspirations and lifestyle. Homestudio is the first platform to bridge the gap between super high end modular options and cheap local options.

Initial Challenges

Even though, the team approached the business in a much organised form and on the basis of consumer feedback, for them there were challenges in terms of putting a team together, deciding which areas needed more focus i.e experience zone, warehouse and so on.

Idea behind the Project

On this Alok Duggal (Founder) shared that his wife had a dream of having a German kitchen and after constantly moving houses and setting up home again and again, they decided a modular kitchen would have been much easier to pack and reassemble and that got Alok thinking of what he would want to do in the next phase of his career. From this came the idea of Homestudio. Read Indian Startup News.

The core team

Homestudio is a young team with an average of 28 that brings a lot of new ideas and passion to grow the brand faster. Team has mix of people from designers, customer experience experts, tech experts and business.

Revenue, traction and growth

Homestudio started operations from January, 2016 in Bangalore, since then it has completed 600 + installations across the city and now expanded to Karnataka.  The response for Homestudio so far has been great and more than 90% of their sales are happening through word of mouth and lot of them are repeat customers.

USP and Revenue Model

On this Alok Duggal shared that one key difference is that they are creating their own modular segment where they control Product, experience and after service, thus can meet consumers expectation much better.  It will probably not be wrong to say that no other players in the market are offering European furniture at such affordable cost. Besides Homestudio offer a lifetime service.

Homestudio secured $5 Million seed funding from Bren Corporation in December 2015.

The money was allocated to set up the pillars – Technology, Experience Zone and Service centre. Within 6 months of opening sales, team was close to recover their operating expenses, thus helping them to scale with confidence.

Modus Operandi

Homestudio is not just a furniture brand which creates different kinds of product, it is a solution category that offers long lasting experiences that evolve with their consumers. Homestudio provides holistic solutions for houses, bedrooms, kitchens, cupboards and specific spaces in the house.

For Homestudio team ‘why’ comes before ‘what’. The Homestudio products have been designed with enough flexibility to modify to suit the requirements of the users. It customises shape and design for modern houses.

Homestudio Future Plans

Team would be taking the concept of Omni channel to 5-6 locations in 2017 to expand their reach. It will not only be online, but the team will be setting up experience zones and service centers in other cities also, so that they can provide an end to end solution to their customers as they are doing it in Bangalore. Secondly in 2017, team is planning to introduce more products with latest style and trends to live up with the Indian demand. Read more about Indian Startups.

Wide range of home solutions catering to your taste by
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