Handtribe is reinventing e-commerce as a humane and sustainable venture

Change is never easy. Moving away from comfort and familiarity towards uncharted territory is challenging indeed. But that is what gives rise to the new. A belief, an idea and commitment is all it takes to create a revolution. And that is what Handtribe is.

Handtribe believes that by committing to handmade products, they will add real value to the ecosystem, thereby reinterpreting e-commerce as a more humane and sustainable venture. It strives to empower and encourage artists from all over the country to develop and showcase their skills and talents on a platform that appreciates the value of their products.

The Idea

Handtribe’s journey started with Arihant Singhvi, its founder and CEO. Arihant Singhvi shared “I had a couple of friends who were involved in making handmade products but had nowhere to sell. That’s when I thought to myself- why not create an exclusive marketplace, a portal, where people who make products by themselves can showcase their skills, and earn from it”. And so, the journey began.

After months and months of research and hard work, this idea of an e-commerce portal started developing. It was during this time that he met Manavika Phukan, the current co-founder of Handtribe. “It’s all about turning your passion into your profession”, is and has been their mantra.

Initial challenges

The first challenge they had to overcome, was naming their venture. While travelling in a rickshaw one evening, they happened to pass a billboard with the word ‘Tribe’ on it. And it just clicked. ‘Handtribe’. It was so clear. Hand stood for hand-made products, and tribe invoked a sense of community. It was the perfect name. They soon familiarized themselves with the term, till it actually became a truth.

The biggest challenge to the founders was entering an e-commerce business venture without a tech background. Having left their previous jobs, and sacrificing other potential careers, it was crucial that they be absolutely sure of their path. And they were. Arihant and Manavika thrived on this challenge of creating something new. The pressure simply brought the best out of them and kept pushing them forward. They made their choice and there was no going back. They believed in their idea and that was all that mattered. They signed their final papers, were officially registered and thus legally bound to see this venture through.

The Support

Where would anyone be without family? For Arihant and Manavika, their families are their pillars of support. Whether it was financially or even emotionally, their family has always been there for them. And for that, they feel very blessed and grateful.

Their friends too play important parts in their lives. “They believe in Handtribe and in us to continue to see this through”, says Manavika. “It’s like what Elon Musk’s friends say to him- Entrepreneurship is like staring into the abyss while eating glass.” And she couldn’t agree more.

The Highlight

The whole voyage of Handtribe, from its inception till now is like has been a highlight in itself. It’s every little task that made them feel like they are moving forward. Whether it was marketing, or upgrading technology or even selecting that perfect shade of grey for the website’s background, they saw it through. And that made all the difference.

Future plans

Handtribe has mighty plans for the future. This is just the beginning. Phase two is upon them and they’re ready for it.

“We want to expand not only in India but also internationally. We are going to be the e-commerce portal for anyone to showcase their talents and potential.  That is our aim, and Arihant and I are going to make sure we achieve it.” said Manavika.

Arihant and Manavika are two individuals who will take the e-commerce industry by a storm. They are ambitious, zealous and are determined to stop at nothing to make Handtribe a true success. Read more about Indian Startups.

Handtribe is reinventing e-commerce as a humane and sustainable venture
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